Free Speech vs Hot Air.

For a while now, I have posted about the on-going legal battle between the GREAT Mark Steyn, and Michael Mann, of “Hockey Stick Graph” fame. Today, Steyn has his “day” in court. Here is the story from Betsy Rothstein at The Daily   Mark Steyn To D.C. Court For Defamation Hearing (You Won’t Want To Miss This) Betsy Rothstein 5:15 PM 11/24/2014         If the defamation lawsuit against writer Mark Steyn keeps chugging forward toward the courtroom, grab the popcorn. It may be among the most crucial First Amendment cases to affect freedom of speech for decades to come. … Continue reading

OOPS, There Go Some MORE Wheels Off The AGW Wagon.

A while back, I had posted about the lawsuit Dr. Michael Mann had brought against the GREAT Mark Steyn, and the National Review Online. Here is an update, complete with HARD EVIDENCE of Mann’s malfeasance, and total LYING. From the outstanding voice of we “deniers”, Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley at Evidence that Dr Michael Mann misled a court Anthony Watts / November 17, 2014   Guest opinion by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley This memorandum sets out evidence of falsehood with intent to mislead a court by Dr Michael E. Mann in a case in the District of Columbia … Continue reading

Can’t Dazzle Them With Brilliance, Baffle Them With Bullshit

In a recent post, here, I laid out the lawsuit that “hockey stick” graph and fraud designer Michael Mann, of the Climate Science School of Penn State University, brought against Mark Steyn and others, claiming “defamation”. Apparently, it isn’t going well for Mann, so he’s using stall and delay tactics in the courts, which is typical of the left to silence their critics. The story from   Steyn’s scorching new legal brief on the Michael Mann ‘defamation’ case Posted on  August 12, 2014 by Anthony Watts Mark Steyn has submitted an amicus curiae brief in the CEI/National Review -vs- Mann … Continue reading

It Looks Like The “Hockey Stick” Has Been BUSTED.

The long running debate over global warming, climate change, whatever one may want to call it, has been FILLED with LIES by so many on the left it is pathetic. In this article, from , the flawed information, gross misrepresentations, and omission of vital facts are laid out well for us.  Enjoy. National Review gives Michael Mann the ****stick Posted on August 4, 2014 by Anthony Watts Not just a Hockeystick, but borrowing from official CNN language last week, this appears to be the legal equivalent of a f***stick. It is quite a read. McIntrye, McKittrick, Christy, and Andrew Montford … Continue reading

Resident Hashtag and First-Twitterer

Congressman Mike Rogers told Face the Nation that “you can’t base your policy on what’s trending on Twitter”. Talk about a succinct soundbite. Time and again this is what the White House does. Though in many cases it drums up the social media on a particular topic, then plays off the stir it creates. Before Speaker Boehner acted on a Select Committee, there were calls for him to do just that. However, when you looked at his twitter feed, it was littered with liberals saying he needs to “act on UI”, the most important issue at the present — unemployment … Continue reading

Stop! Or I’ll shout “Stop!” again…

  It did not take long for the gun-grabbing ghouls to hop on the Fort Hood tragedy train.  Leading that disgraceful pack was ex-CNN host, Piers Morgan, who blamed the gun for turning Ivan Lopez into a mass murderer. Of course, the derangement on the left is not limited to blaming the gun.  There was the commenter at who went for the ultimate progressive knee jerk — pointing the finger of blame squarely at… GW Bush. While the blood still flowed, the lefties could not keep themselves from turning up the political rhetoric.  I suspect the only tragedy, in their … Continue reading