Milo Yiannopoulos Exposes The REAL Alex Jones

Posted on August 16, 2017 Milo sits down with Alex Jones in the Infowars studio to talk about President Trump, the double standard of the mainstream media, and how Breitbart and Infowars can change the news paradigm. ~Bear in mind: It’s not the messenger but the message that is important. I found this interview quite informative. HEA  

The War to Save Our Nation

  We as a republic are in a war to preserve our nation and way of life. First voters were inundated with lies, misinformation, and rants before November 9th where lying, cheating, and all means fair and foul were used to deter citizens from voting for their own choice of candidate. Since then we have been bludgeoned on every form of media with the tantrums, whining, and crying of malcontents who believe every word they are fed along with their daily dose of “pabulum” and have never been told “no you can’t always win.” Democrats and Rinos certainly did their … Continue reading

The Alphabet Soup of “Fake News” Mainstream Sites

Interesting that Google, Facebook, and others are so determined to shout the meme “Fake News Reports” yet mainstream news gets off scott free.  Besides encourage liberalist themes and covering for those guilty of “sex trafficking and child sex abuse”, the alphabets can’t seem to talk about real issues. Here is one that from November and December 2016 has been building up in Jakarta. Could this be another embassy in harms way? It also shows how “intolerant” Muslims are to any comments about Islam by non-Muslims. Setting the Stage Basuki Purnama has been serving as the 17th Governor of Jakarta since … Continue reading

Tucker Carlson Takes On The New York Times

Published on Dec 2, 2016 Tucker takes on New York Times Public Editor, Liz Spayd, over continued bias allegations against the ‘Paper of Record’ – even in its reporters’ tweets. –00– Over the last few weeks we have seen the liberals not only attack but completely trip out over what they disagree with on the right and to demonize those who championed or voted for Donald Trump. Programs have been altered when not providing information the group believes to be acceptable.  People have had their comments dropped or censored almost daily lately. The reason alleged — they believe anyone not in … Continue reading

Cheesy Reporting and Their Censoring Of Topics By MSM’s Protect Obama, Hillary, and Democrats Before Election

  Americans Are FED UP With Mainstream Media’s Trash Reporting and Censorship While Rome burned, Caesar played. Why? To keep the masses from knowing the truth. All of the news medias across the US are doing a great job of reporting – the trash and censored news that the Democrats hope to flood the media with on Donald Trump. Is it because the Democrats and Obama are AFRAID to let us know the extent of Obama’s failures and what Hillary plans to continue as policies? Let’s see shall we…In the months of September and October 2016 here are things which … Continue reading

Judicial Watch FOIA September 2015 Intelligence Comments

Why Bother?  Who Cares at this point? My Reasons: First, the role of State Department and President in this issue should never be forgotten or allowed to happen again.  And, most importantly  at this time, citizens’ MUST remember what these people are capable of–the total destruction of our country in any way possible and disregard for lives to  achieve that goal. Second, most of the public has no idea what the intelligence community thought the day after the Benghazi attack.  That is a vital missing component for us to see more about what people close to the events were talking … Continue reading

Muslim Brotherhood Influence in the United States

Hardnox and friends have done many posts on Muslim Brotherhood.  We hoped to sound an alarm for those not already aware of the precise understanding of who and what the Muslim Brotherhood is and the mass infiltration of its tentacles into the life we know in the United States.  We should all be vigilant and aggressively active in attempting to bring these groups before the public and expose their true goals.  No Democrat or Libertarian can possibly explain away what has already been entered into court records.  We MUST meet this threat with truth and determination.  Each of us daily … Continue reading

Way To Go Ted Cruz

    It is so good to hear a politician think on his feet, open his mouth and actually have excellent answers even when harassed.    He will hopefully keep this up and give everyone a better understanding of who he is before election day. Just this one video gives me a bit of hope that if elected, this man can lead. –Uriel–  

Monica Crowley Calls Out the Mainstream Media

From the Washington Times: (Monica Crowley is a host and political and foreign affairs analyst for the Fox News Channel and host of the nationally syndicated radio program, “The Monica Crowley Show”. She is a graduate of Colgate University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Crowley went on to receive two Masters Degrees and a Ph. D. in International Affairs from Columbia University.) The dirty little (open) secret about the press The dominant media is outraged only because Rolling Stone got caught Rolling Stone finally admitted that its recent story about a vicious rape on the University of Virginia campus … Continue reading

How About A Dose Of TRUTH ?

In the ongoing struggle to expose the global warming fraud for what it REALLY is, every once in a while we find a REAL diamond. This article is one. Polished to a “light of truth lustre”. I just LOVED this article by Dr. Tim Ball, and Anthony Watts at Hope you enjoy it as well.   The Role of the Media in Aiding and Abetting the Deceptions Seen in Climategate Anthony Watts November 29, 2014    Guest opinion. By Dr. Tim Ball I knew I was having an impact as a skeptic when I received a call from George … Continue reading

From The ” GEE,NO SHIT ” File.

In a story that surprises absolutely NONE of US, apparently there are some who ARE surprised by this revelation. Read it, and see if YOU are surprised. From   Gallup: Public Confidence in TV News at All-Time Low June 19, 2014 – 1:15 PM  By Michael W. Chapman   ( – Public confidence in television news is at an all-time low, according to a survey released today by Gallup. Only 18 percent of the Americans surveyed expressed either a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in that news medium. Gallup has been asking the following question annually … Continue reading

Do you feel like I do?

A little personal commentary. Bundy redux. With all that has happened in the last few weeks, I thought it was time take another look. Nevada, media coverage, government force, etc. et al. Is anyone feeling burned by Bundy or his plight? Are you feeling let down, like you wasted your time and were deceived? Are you saying I made a big mistake and should have known better? Never again. Are you now angry at Cliven Bundy? Do you think this cost us big time politically, and that we will pay a price for it in the election? (real questions) Well, … Continue reading

Another One From The “GEE,NO SHIT” File.

All this verbiosity on this “esteemed panel”, and it is OBVIOUS they still do not get it. Read, and enjoy leftist media flacks talking out their anal, and oral sphincters at the SAME TIME.  From The Daily     Top reporters agree: Thanks to ignorance, the press leans left.        by     Betsy Rothstein          1:01 PM  12/18/2013 OK, folks. Quick Quiz. How many of the assembled asshats voted for Romney, in 2012, or McCain in 2008?  Give up?  The SAME number who have voted for ANY republican, or, GASP, conservative.  ZERO. It seemed the entire Politico Playbook breakfast was leading … Continue reading

From The ” GEE, NO SHIT” File.

Yes, kind readers, another “Gee, No Shit” moment. I’m stunned their approval numbers are THIS high. From More Than 75% Don’t Find Reporters Honest, Ethical. And YET the asshats wonder HOW they got to this point?  Any questions ????             by             John Nolte       17 Dec 2013, 10:52 AM PDT Gallup did a poll that ranks the ethical and honesty ratings of various professions, ranging from clergy to politicians to newspaper and television reporters. Gallup took the angle of looking at the results from a political point of view – the difference in how Republicans, Democrats, and Independents view the credibility … Continue reading