What’s Happening in DC? Ask a lobbyist.

What’s Happening in DC? Ask a lobbyist. They seem to know as much as any covert operative what is going on in DC. They ought to since it’s their industry dollars that are greasing the wheels of the system. From the Hill: Advocates are on the front-lines of the capital’s policy battles, laboring to shape the decisions made by Congss and the administration. The members of The Hill’s Top Lobbyists list are all names to know — people who are in the thick of the action from K Street to Capitol Hill. While some of those recognized here are registered … Continue reading

As We Often Say…Follow the Money

From Barry Secrest at Conservative Refocus: One of the major questions that many confused voters within the political right continually ask,  often gravitates around why some Republicans seem to support repair of Obamacare over repeal. However, the answer to that particular question is not as difficult as many might imagine. One need only follow the money. If we look at one of the major Obamacare Exchange health insurance players, that being Blue Cross & Blue Shield, as one of the heavy-hitters for campaign contributions and lobbying– and delve deeply into who their major political donation recipients actually are, the question … Continue reading

Ethics Reform for Congress? Get Real!

From Paul Dietzel at the Daily Caller: (Paul Dietzel II is the founder of Anedot.com and a candidate for the United States Congress in Louisiana’s 6th district.) Fast cars, luxury yachts, international five-star resorts, top-shelf liquor and fine china from Bloomingdale’s — this sounds like a rap song, but this is the life of some members of Congress. For example, Rep. Rob Andrews (D-NJ) was exposed in a 60 Minutes investigation for spending leadership PAC money on the items listed above. And, my guess: he isn’t alone. We, the taxpayers, shouldn’t accept this behavior; we must fight it. I will … Continue reading