The Rise of the Daycare Generation

This is a rather long dissertation, if that’s the right word, but it leads to the crux of the issues being faced by today’s SJW snowflakes and mindless liberals. I listened to it while going about my kitchen business and I urge you to do the same. There’s nothing to look at so just hit play, turn it up, listen and absorb what this man says. He’s not a “genius”, so he claims, but he speaks the truth and nails where society when wrong. He also explains why these kids are so messed-up, (and he’s right, it’s not really their … Continue reading

Let’s Shower…

…and take the stench of this political hatred and carnage off of us, if just for a moment. Let’s appreciate what the Creator Father has given us to LIVE and LEARN by. I’m sure some of you may think “ol’ HAD’s dun lost it”. You’re right! I have. I’ve lost all respect, possibly even hope, for mankind, as it exists. And, ever more often, I’ve felt the need to scrub off the ashes of humanity’s burning hatred toward their fellow man; brush my tooth and use half a bottle of mouth wash, just to flush the foul-flavored words I’ve opined … Continue reading

Quote Of The Day — November 08, 2015

. “What’s wealth but the means of expanding one’s life? There’s two ways one can do it: either by producing more or by producing it faster.” Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, Part 3, Ch. 1   ~ ~   Grouchy   ~ ~

Quote Of The Day — July 17, 2015

. “Adventure is just a romantic name for trouble. It sounds swell when you write about it, but it’s hell when you meet it face to face in a dark and lonely place.” Louis L’Amour, (22 March 1908 – 10 June 1988)   ~ ~   Grouchy   ~ ~

Quote Of The Day — June 25, 2015

. “Learning to let go should be learned before learning to get. Life should be touched, not strangled. You’ve got to relax, let it happen at times, and at others move forward with it.” Ray Bradbury, (22 August 1920 – 5 June 2012)   ~ ~   Grouchy   ~ ~  

Quote Of The Day — February 13, 2015

. “Don’t ask for guarantees. And don’t look to be saved in any one thing, person, machine, or library. Do your own bit of saving, and if you drown, at least die knowing you were heading for shore.” Ray Bradbury, (22 August 1920 – 5 June 2012)  Fahrenheit 451   ~ ~  Grouchy  ~ ~

Quote Of The Day — December 19, 2014

. “A mind, like a home, is furnished by its owner, so if one’s life is cold and bare he can blame none but himself. You have a chance to select from pretty elegant furnishings.” Louis L’Amour,  (22 March 1908 – 10 June 1988)   ~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~

Quote Of The Day — December 2, 2014

. “My dear, old age is like an airplane flying in a storm. Once you’re in it there’s nothing you can do. You can’t stop a plane, you can’t stop a storm, you can’t stop time. So you might as well take it easy, with wisdom.” Golda Meir  (May 03, 1898 — Died: December 08, 1978)   ~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~

Quote Of The Day — November 20, 2014

. “If we listened to our intellect we’d never have a love affair. We’d never have a friendship. We’d never go in business because we’d be cynical: “It’s gonna go wrong.” Or “She’s going to hurt me.” Or, “I’ve had a couple of bad love affairs, so therefore . . .” Well, that’s nonsense. You’re going to miss life. You’ve got to jump off the cliff all the time and build your wings on the way down.” Ray Douglas Bradbury (22 August 1920 – 5 June 2012)   ~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~

Quote Of The Day — October 14, 2013

. “Independence is the recognition of the fact  that yours is the responsibility of judgment and nothing can help you escape it — that no substitute can do your thinking, as no pinch-hitter can live your life.”   Quote by: Ayn Rand (1905-1982)   Author Source: Atlas Shrugged ~ ~  Grouchy  ~ ~

Quote Of The Day — September 23, 2013

. There are three prominent types of life: pleasure, political and contemplative. The mass of mankind is slavish in their tastes, preferring a life suitable to beasts; they have some ground for this view since they are imitating many of those in high places. People of superior refinement identify happiness with honour, or virtue, and generally the political life. . Aristotle — ARIST. Nico. I.5. . ~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~