#BlackLivesMatter: I’m sick of you n****s…

That Guy T Published on May 28, 2016 *REALITY WARNING ~ Nothing I can add, here. The man says it all in black and white. Well said, That Guy T!

2015 MAS-ICNA Convention – Part 3

I know you are wondering Why I am posting this but bare with me a bit. In this December 2015 Convention outside of prying eyes, much was discussed. And as you see from the following comments NOT favorably that males and females were allowed in one convention together or that modern music was in the show: -My ALLAH FORGIVE US AND PREVENT US FROM THE HELL FIRE BECAUSE OF THOSE PPL , MY QUESTION DOES OUR PROPHET ENCOURAGE US TO DANCE AND PLAY MUSIC OR HE PROHIBITED ? , DOES MUSLIM HAS TO GET MIXED WOMEN AND MEN OR PROHIBITED … Continue reading