You’re gonna love this… Be sure to let your imagination run wild, ok. Mine has. This year is gonna really suck if you’re a leftist libtard, a RINO, a Hollywood weirdo, a Trump-hater or a democrat, et al; that’s for damned sure! Enjoy! ~There’s got to be a law against having this much fun hearing about the demise of another…bwahahahaha! Naa… I’ll get over it…lol

Nice To Not Be The ONLY One.

On Thursday, I posted about the death of Nelson Mandela. I did not cut him ANY slack, while the liberal world media were flagellating themselves before his not-to -hell-yet corpse, and some thought I was “too mean”. Good to see I had company.  From Buzzfeed   Guess you didn’t take YOUR OWN advice. Much to the DETRIMENT of South Africa. And for THAT little screw-up, Nelson HERE is where you SHOULD have stayed…. Right along with the dickhead standing next to you. What a LOVELY photo !!!   7 Nelson Mandela Quotes You Probably Won’t See In The U.S. Media. … Continue reading

Limbaugh: “GOP Irrelevant”

It’s good to see the nation’s leading talk show host FINALLY recognize what we here at ‘Nox & Friends have been saying practically forever. “The GOP is Irrelevant” From World Net Daily: Rush Limbaugh, the leading conservative voice in America, is scorching the Republican Party as an irrelevant disaster which has apparently made a decision “not to exist.” “I was trying to think earlier today if ever in my life I could remember any major political party being so irrelevant,” the top-rated radio host said Wednesday on his national broadcast. “I have never seen it. I have never seen a … Continue reading

Our NEW Civil War

Make no mistake about it; we are slap-dab in the middle of a new civil war in this country. It’s not a formally declared war and it might be lurking just below the surface, but it is a battle nonetheless. We have two factions at war with each other to determine the future of the United States. On one side, we have the informed, politically aware portion of the citizenry. While they listen to what our national leaders are saying and what the talking heads and pundits allow, they don’t assume they’re being told the truth, instead they dig deeper, … Continue reading