An Overlooked Truth About the Shemitah

Posted on May 11, 2017         By Judge Anna Von Reitz  . The Shemitah is a holy mystery associated with the “Sabbath of Years”. Every Seventh Year in the Sacred Calendar of the Hebrews is what we farmers would call a “fallow year”. The land is to lay fallow. The vineyards are to rest. People, too, and are instructed to store up for the Shemitah so that they can rest and the poor may be taken care of in the year without harvest. The last day of the Shemitah Year falls on the last day of Elul, … Continue reading

ABC News says patients are lining up to take the “Mark”….

From Zen Gardener Published on Jun 28, 2014 The healthcare sector is certainly not the only area where RFID chips are being used in greater frequency. Microchips, touted by the mainstream media and surveillance industry, are being used to track school children, control firearms, and direct us toward a cashless society. ~Can there be any doubt of where we are in the timeline of history? Combined with all of the scandals, wars, threats of disease, radioactive poisoning the lands and oceans, earthquakes, vicious storms, volcanoes, poverty, famines, droughts, floods, animal/bird/fish deaths, solar flares, lawlessness, corruption and the heinous acts of a … Continue reading