Congress Gets A Second Chance To Pass ‘Kate’s Law’

It is absurd that Kate’s law wasn’t passed and it was opposed by the left, nor would it have been signed into law by Obama.  The reality is that illegals who commit crimes were not deported is insane.  It smacks against any semblance of common sense.  Ditto with these “sanctuary cities”. The bottom line that seems to escape the left is that these people are ILLEGAL. Lastly, these illegals that committed these crimes are REPEAT offenders.  WTF! We all know why the left embraces the illegals because they are all future democrat voters and the republican weenies don’t want to … Continue reading

Kate’s Law – Demonizing Really? Not Cost Effective Really?

In case you missed it… Bill Reilly is dead on with his comments. I can not believe that anyone can say that a man who was an aggravated convicted felon, had returned 7 times to the US has no reason to be imprisoned for his alleged murder of an American citizen. Reid is totally an idiot who long since should have been retired from public service. Those who backed his illogical attitude need to check the water or koolaid in their cups. Are you telling me that any Democrats or RINOS who voted against this law would be all gushy, … Continue reading