Oil Is Still “Evil” In Canada; Should We Lease Trump To Ottawa To Enlighten Baby Trudeau?

Justin Trudeau, that cuddly metrosexual pajama boy, recently took a break from cozying up to Muslims and illegal immigrants to kiss some environmentalist butt.  Trudeau, a child of privilege and scion of a proud leftist heritage, is working hard to deny Canadian citizens cheap energy, as well as a significant stream of US dollar income.  And apparently a majority of the milquetoasts in mukluks north of our border are down with that. Canada, as of now, shows no signs of anything resembling a Trump-esque movement to defenestrate the apocalyptic greenies, or shut down the asinine regulations that prevent the flow … Continue reading

Hypocritical Leftist Tech Companies Move North To Dodge H-1B Visa Crackdown

After pontificating about “immigrant rights” and “evil Trump” from their posts high up in Google and Facebook …. after attempting to politicize eBay with banners that proclaim leftist sentiments …. after bribing the Obama Regime to use H-1B visas to import foreign tech workers at pay levels 75% below those of Americans …. We now learn that the patriotic progressives who make millions running hi-tech companies here in America, are planning a back-door move to Justin Trudeau-Land, where they can continue to import low-earning workers without government scrutiny.  And these bastards question OUR patriotism.  British Columbia has long been home … Continue reading

Wearing the Poor at State Dinner

From Canada Free Press If Malia and Sasha Obama had a Canadian uncle, he would look exactly like limousine liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. While grocery chains that provide discount items for shoppers on budget are called ‘No Frills’, the Canadian prime minister is ‘All Frills’. In any case, he’s frillier by far than any frills or do-dads on the $20,000 gowns Malia and Sasha Obama wore to the State Dinner their father threw for Pretty Boy Trudeau on Thursday. “The Canadian leader and proud socialist, who while at home likes to spout off about class warfare and income inequality, … Continue reading

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner as Obama’s Latest Anti-American?

From Canada Free Press President Barack Obama spent more than the past seven years flagrantly dissing America.  Now that’s he’s passing his mantle on to Hillary Clinton, Obama is using willing surrogates and satellites from outside of America to do his dissing for him: Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is coming to President Barack Obama’s State Dinner as an open and fully-fledged anti-American. With only 39 percent of the popular vote when top members of Obama’s campaign team helped bring him into power on October 19, Trudeau now claims to speak for all Canadians when he says “Canadians would appreciate … Continue reading

Justin Trudeau And The Cultural Transformation Of Canada

From Canada Free Press “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada. Those qualities are what make us the first post-nation state.” So says Justin Trudeau, freshly-minted Prime Minister of Canada. What are Canadians to make of this curious proclamation?  Does his post-modern vision happen to include an endorsement or approval from the Canadian people? If the name is Trudeau, and the nation is Canada, nobody should be surprised that it does not. This method of political decision-making is far from an isolated incident. Justin’s father—former three-term Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau— also enjoyed toying with the fate of our … Continue reading

Hitler Gets Bad News About the Canadian Election!

From Rebel Media Hitler finds out Justin Trudeau’s hand-picked candidate, Eve Adams, was rejected by the Liberals for the Eglinton-Lawrence nomination — and he’s not happy about it! The bad news about Trudeau’s Liberals keeps on coming, leading Hitler to wish the “Shiny Pony” had never been picked as leader!   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> “We should have gone with the astronaut”! OMG! Too Funny. I think the Conservatives should use this one as an election ad… Hey Stephen…. whatchya’ think? Bet though CBC wouldn’t run it cuz it would be like telling the truth….wouldn’t want Hitler getting offended or sumtin! ~Blessed B~

CBC Wants Anti-Trudeau Attack Ad Banned from YouTube

From Rebel Media Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media has the latest on the battle of the attack ads! The Conservatives are once again insisting that Justin Trudeau “just isn’t ready” — and the CBC wants it scrubbed from the internet. They don’t stand a chance legally, but that’s not stopping them from shouting “copyright infringement!” Why? Because like all the big legacy broadcasting outlets, they’re desperately trying to maintain control in a changing media environment. The state broadcaster is being selective about who can use their material for political ads and at least one internet law expert says they don’t have … Continue reading

Put Your Trust In Justin T….. Not Likely!

By Blessed B I received this lovely little ditty today from my cousin in British Columbia. I had a darn good laugh! I’m hoping for it to go viral before the Canadian Federal Election in the Fall! I don’t think Justin could learn anything too quickly……better let the older generation look after things! LYRICS: Conservatives in Parliament do not like Justin T They do not like his politics or his pedigree But I feel when I see Justin that love is in the air It’s the opposite of what I get from Harper or Mulcair His energy and feelings he … Continue reading

Trudeau: Tories Threaten Liberty by Fostering Prejudice Against Muslims

From Global Headlines The Conservative government poses a real threat to liberty in Canada and is stoking fear and prejudice by opposing the right of female Canadian Muslims to wear a niqab, Justin Trudeau says.   And Canadians, he said, should “shudder” that the government is employing the same kind of rhetoric to raise fears against Muslims that was used to promote a “none is too many” restrictive immigration policy toward Jews in the 1930s and 1940s.   “These are troubling times. Across Canada, and especially in my home province, Canadians are being encouraged by their government to be fearful … Continue reading

Trudeau Liberals’ Rejection of Memorial to Victims of Communism

From Estonian World Review   Peter Van Loan, MP for York-Simcoe is shocked that Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party are seeking to have the Memorial to the Victims of Communism moved away from the parliamentary precinct. The Federal Liberal Party announced Thursday that they believe the proposed memorial beside the Supreme Court to be “inappropriate” and “disrespectful”. The Liberals want to see it moved to a less prominent location. “Our Government deliberately chose a prominent location for this important memorial”, said Peter Van Loan. “Any attempt to hide, diminish, or down play this memorial is unacceptable. Canada is a … Continue reading

“True North Strong and Free” to become ObamaLand this October?

  From Canada Free Press   Recurring theories that Barack Obama sees himself as reigning ‘King of the World’ rather than merely U.S. president are proving true—in Canada, of all places.  Canada’s next general election will take place more than a year before the next presidential election, on October 16, 2015, at which time Obama gets the golden opportunity to add the natural resource-rich Land of the Maple Leaf to his fledgling ‘kingdom’. Canadians getting ready to slog their way through another long Canadian winter are mostly unaware how they are about to be folded into ObamaLand as hostages of … Continue reading

Justin Trudeau’s Exclusive Interview To Muslim Paper~ ISIS Is A Zionist Plot

From Blazing Cat Fur Jonathan Halevi informs us that Justin Trudeau recently  gave an exclusive interview to the al-Ameen Post, a BC based Muslim newspaper. In the article he stresses that Islam has been wrongly persecuted since 911 and should never be linked to terror attacks perpetrated by Muslims, he goes on to paint himself as a strong voice on the side of Muslims and notes with the usual Liberal knee-jerk spasm of moral equivalence that all groups harbour extremists. I decided to do a little more digging into the al-Ameen Post. A quick site search I conducted for the term “Zionist” turned … Continue reading

Prime Minister Harper on ISIL….. Motion Debated in Parliament

From  Prime Minister’s Web Site  Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued the following statement on the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)-specific motion after two days of debate in Parliament: “Since early 2014, the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – or ISIL – has been carrying out a campaign of unspeakable atrocities against innocent children, women and men, as well as religious minorities in Iraq. Specifically, it has tortured and beheaded people, raped and sold women into slavery, slaughtered minorities and kidnapped innocent victims whose only crime was to have a different ideology than ISIL. “Last … Continue reading

Trudeau’s Answer to Question About Canadian Jihadi !

  From Canada Free Press If the world wasn’t such a dangerous place right now, the entertainment value of having a Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would be well worth the economic cost of having a Liberal government in power. As recently revealed in Australia, the West is in danger from practitioners of the religion of peace who commit barbaric acts because, in Trudeau’s words, they feel “excluded.” Trudeau has commented about the recent legislation enacted by the Canadian government that provides for the revocation of Canadian citizenship of those who also hold citizenship in another country if they have been … Continue reading

Where Was Justin?

From Sun News Network Justin Trudeau called an emergency debate to determine Canada’s response to the threats and terrorism by the Islamic State in Iraq. Then, he skipped his own emergency debate. What could possibly have been more important? Check out WhereWasJustin.com  for some suggestions and to submit your own creative ideas!  When it comes to politics and diplomacy, suddenly, how much you know about foreign affairs doesn’t matter. What matters is who the best or cutest celebrity is. And the winner is…. Manny from Calgary! Then there is this….From Ezra Levant Trudeau inherited dad’s arrogance, not brains When Elizabeth … Continue reading

Trudeau’s Liberals Suck and Blow on Israel

From Toronto Sun If you don’t like federal Liberal policies, all you have to do is wait a bit and they’ll have new ones. Take their position on the recently fought Israel-Gaza war. Here’s the Liberal position according to Justin Trudeau on July 15: “The Liberal Party of Canada strongly condemns Hamas’ rejection of the Egyptian ceasefire proposal and its rocket attacks on civilians. “Israel should be commended for having accepted the ceasefire proposal, and demonstrating its commitment to peace. The Liberal Party of Canada … had urged a ceasefire that could have ended the tragic civilian loss of life … Continue reading

PROOF: Justin Trudeau’s Ethnic Outreach Plan Focuses on Muslim Extremists

From Ezra Levant There really is no mosque too extremist for Justin Trudeau to campaign in for votes. He even met with Saima Jamal, the organizer of the pro-Palestinian event that turned into a violent riot in Calgary. Jamal brags about how she lectured Trudeau during their meeting. That’s wilfull blindness, and it fits with his foreign policy views. Trudeau was asked what he thinks is the biggest threat to global security. He didn’t say the terrorist group ISIS or Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. You can see Trudeau’s shockingly childish answer: “The World According to Trudeau” Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau … Continue reading

Mosque Controversy Follows Trudeau

From by Tarek Fatah The Toronto Sun The controversy surrounding Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s March, 2011 visit to a Montreal mosque that had been identified in a leaked U.S. Department of Defence report as an al-Qaida recruitment centre, just won’t go away. After the Sun News Network broke the story, Liberal deputy leader Ralph Goodale said Trudeau had visited the Al-Sunnah Al-Nabawiah mosque in March, 2011 — a month before classified U.S. intelligence reports naming it were made public in April, 2011. But Trudeau’s defence he was not aware of the mosque’s troubling background in March, 2011 falls apart on … Continue reading