Josh Earnest, Freshest Turd In The Media Punchbowl

With a roster of “talent” including Keith Olbermann, Megyn Kelly, Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell … and now Josh Earnest, the NBC / MSNBC Fake News Corporation has reached a new low in journalistic integrity.  They’ve got a special asshat ready for little uptalking metrosexual Joshie, one of those asshats that’s pink and has two cute little ears on it.   I’m sure you, like me, look forward to hearing King Putt’s Court Apologist / Jester / Douche-Bearer share his brilliant and enlightened opinions on the Trump Administration.  From Kaitlin Collins at The Daily Caller, 27 March 2017: Josh Earnest Is … Continue reading

From The “WHAT Are They Smoking” ??? File.

We know MOST of the people in the Obama Regime lie their asses off, most times it’s maddening, sometimes it’s funny, and sometimes it just makes you scratch your head. This particular set of remarks is dangerous. Because THEY obviously have ZERO clue about the REALITY of the situation in the Middle East. Here is new spokeskid, Josh Earnest, carrying the water. From WH: We’ve ‘Substantially Improved the Tranquility of the Global Community’. July 14, 2014 – 9:22 PM By Patrick Goodenough ( – White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday the Obama administration’s foreign policies in a … Continue reading