Decades Of Death Around The Democrat Party’s Leading Figures

There are two paths to follow here. They start out in different directions. And then they seem to intersect at one key point.  The information reported here is a combination of facts from various news sources, and suppositions by the author of this post.  The conclusions reached are those of the author. The first of our two paths we will call the Pedophile Highway, and it starts in Habersham County, Georgia in 2010.  Conservative Georgia State Senator Nancy Schafer, a much-loved resident of the northeast mountain region, turns up dead in her home, along with her husband.  The case is … Continue reading

John Podesta: The Weak Link In The Chain?

Setting aside for a moment the likely involvement of John Podesta, the Clintons, and many other members of the departing Regime in PizzaGate, we need to understand the full reach of influence and control that Podesta exerts through his Center for American Progress and its media arm, Think Progress.  Here is a well-produced and thoroughly detailed video that exposes the web of American corporations and politicians, Arab governments, and Uniglobalist elites which Podesta has constructed — all for the goal of enrichment of a few at a cost to the many.  The video’s producers imply that “big business” and foreign … Continue reading

#PizzaGate River Of Sh*t: David Brock, Ol’ Joe, BHO May Be Involved, Too

Over the decades I’ve heard tales of satanists, pagans, occultists, and sexual deviants — but always believed these folks were a distinct minority among us.  Now I am no longer so sure.  Thanks to the open sewers of Twitter and Instagram, we find rivers of shit running all across the fruited plain. source: Here is a recent YouTube research video (a long but extremely thorough one) that gives names and IDs of hundreds of people involved with the pedophilia and ritualistic filth going on in this nation. The Islamists have nothing on our own deviants, it seems.  Martin Luther … Continue reading

ALWAYS Follow The Money.

Especially if it is democrats. Especially if it involves ANYONE associated with this Regime. Earlier this week, Obama announced in essence Alaska was OFF LIMITS to ANY new drilling leases for oil and gas on the Northern Alaska Coast. Anyone in the lamestream media wondering WHY ? Richard Pollock at The Daily shines the light on the cockroaches.   Obama Adviser Podesta Caught Green-Handed In Major Ethics Violation 1:43 PM 01/29/2015  By Richard Pollock In 2013, John Podesta was paid $87,000 by a shadowy foreign billionaire whose passion is preventing energy exploration on American land. Just two years later, … Continue reading

Hillary…she’s movin’ on up to the West Wing

… she finally got a piece of the bling. (sorry) Weazel Zippers and CNN report heads exploding in Biden’s office. “I feel a deep sense of commitment to my country and its future.” That’s the only statement I need. Damn, what a choice of words on the heels of Benghazi !! Damn! Un-believably callous. “moving on up” ~Bullright

Hack alert: Podesta never disappoints

Podesta forced himself to apologize for a remark he made in a Politico interview, where he compared the GOP to the Jonestown cult. “Podesta apologized to Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio), writing on Twitter, “my snark got in front of my judgment.” “They need to focus on executive action given that they are facing a second term against a cult worthy of Jonestown in charge of one of the houses of Congress,” said Podesta of what Obama’s White House team faces. — USA Today In an old interview, my snark got in front of my judgment. I apologize to Speaker … Continue reading

Liars Hiring BIGGER Liars.

The Obama Regime figures it hasn’t lied enough about the “global warming” agenda, so it is bringing in one of THE biggest liars EVER. More Clinton Administration bullshitters practicing their “craft” where one would not have thought it necessary. From   Podesta Expected to Push Environmentalist Agenda in WH. Imagine. A KNOWN liar, lying for one of the BEST who ever spewed lies, working for the Crown Prince of liars. Look for bullshit like THIS to increase exponentially.   Obama’s NEW liar , oops, ADVISOR, and his OLD boss.   New Bosses same as the OLD boss.     by             … Continue reading