Quote Of The Day — September 22, 2013

. “,,, Man’s only moral commandment is: Thou Shalt Think. But a ‘moral commandment’ is a contradiction in terms. The moral, is the chosen, not the forced; The understood, not the obeyed. The moral is the rational, and reason accepts no commandments.” Ayn Rand, “This is John Galt”, Atlas Shrugged ~ ~ Grouchy ~~

Quote Of The Day — September 19, 2013

. ” Look around you: what you have done to society, you have done it first within your soul; one is the image of the other. This dismal wreckage, which is now your world, is the physical form of the treason you committed to your values, to your friends, to your defenders, to your future, to your country, to yourself. ” Ayn Rand (John Galt) – Atlas Shrugged . ~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~

Quote Of The Day — September 12. 2013

. Through centuries of scourges and disasters, brought about by your code of morality, you have cried that your code had been broken, that the scourges were punishment for breaking it, that men were too weak and too selfish to spill all the blood it required. You damned men, you damned existence, you damned this earth, but never dared to question your code. Your victims took the blame and struggled on, with your curses as reward for their martyrdom – while you went on crying that your code was noble, but human nature was not good enough to practice it. … Continue reading