House Freedom Caucus to Back Webster as Speaker

from IJ Review: The House Freedom Caucus will vote for Representative Daniel Webster (R-FL) for Speaker of the House when the Republican conference chooses its candidate on Thursday. The group said in a statement, according to the Washington Post: “It is clear that our constituents will simply not accept a continuation of the status quo, and that the viability of the Republican Party depends on whether we start listening to our voters and fighting to keep our promises … We accordingly believe that, under the present circumstances and without significant changes to Conference leadership and process, Rep. Daniel Webster would be … Continue reading

Boehner and McConnell are cowardly and spineless

From:,  by Garth Kant,  on Sep 4, 2015,  see the article HERE. WASHINGTON – Why won’t Republican leadership in Congress fight President Obama? It’s the question that frustrates 75 percent of GOP voters and an issue that has likely helped Donald Trump skyrocket in the polls. Now, WND has obtained a revealing look into the thought process of the congressional Republican elite during a candid email exchange with a Senate leadership aide. It showed why GOP leadership is apparently so reluctant to effectively confront Obama on such key issues as defunding executive amnesty, Obamacare and Planned Parenthood. The dialogue also revealed … Continue reading

Is a Boehner – Pelosi doc fix deal about to emerge?

From:, by: Jazz Shaw, on: March 17, 2015, read the article HERE: An editorial comment by Garnet92: Just in case you’re not familiar with the term “doc fix,” here’s a brief description: The doc fix is the term applied to a temporary “fix” enacted by Congress each year to keep an automatic reduction in physician reimbursement from taking place. In 1998, due to concerns of escalating healthcare costs, Medicare payments for physicians were tied to a Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula. Unfortunately, healthcare inflation outpaces general inflation and since 2002, the cost of physician services has exceeded what would be predicted from … Continue reading

House Votes Down Stop-Gap DHS Funding Bill

From Breitbart: The House voted down a three-week, short term Department of Homeland Security funding bill Friday afternoon. The measure failed on a vote of 203-224 with 52 Republicans voting against the measure. The three-week measure was intended as a stop-gap to allow the House and Senate time to reconcile their divergent DHS appropriations bills without a DHS shutdown. Funding for DHS expires at midnight. Last month the House passed a DHS funding bill with provisions to block President Obama’s executive amnesty. When the bill reached the Senate, Democrats spent much of the month of February refusing to allow debate … Continue reading

Speaker Boehner is a Sore Winner

From Fox News: Speaker of the House John Boehner is apparently punishing Republicans who voted against his re-election Tuesday, despite previously saying he would not do so. Reps. Daniel Webster and Richard Nugent are both losing their seats on the House Rules Committee, Politico reported Tuesday evening. Both Florida Republicans voted for Webster instead of Boehner earlier in the day. Such moves seem to contradict recent statements made by Boehner and his office. Asked last week if any Republicans who voted against Boehner would be punished, spokesman Michael Steel told The Daily Caller by email: “Boehner has said publicly that there … Continue reading

Boehner 216. America 0

  Read It And Weep Et Tu, Trey Gowdy ? This is a consummate (though not surprising) disgrace – do Republicans understand now, that there is nothing and no one in the GOP to vote for? There’s nothing to lose by forming a new party, because it’s already lost. ~Terry  

Conservative Lawmakers Plan To Vote Against Boehner For Speaker

From The Daily Caller: Some disaffected conservative House Republicans are planning to rebel and vote against John Boehner for speaker of the House when the new Congress convenes next week. The official speaker’s election is set for Jan. 6., when the House will convene for a public floor vote to open the new Congress. While the vote is usually just a formality, these conservative lawmakers are planning to vote for someone other than the Ohio Republican who has been speaker since 2011. “Right now, I’ve been meeting with a small group, and we — about 16, 18 — and we’re … Continue reading

Would We Expect ANYTHING Different ?

On the heels of the absolute ass-whupping the democrats took Tuesday, Obama says NYET to signing ANY Obamacare repeal. Like, GEE, NO SHIT. Some words of advice to Boehner and McConnell: DEFUND IT. The mofo CANNOT DO anything about THAT. Here it is, in the horse’s ass own words. From and Greg Richter. President: I Won’t Sign Any Bill to Repeal Obamacare Wednesday, 05 Nov 2014 05:20 PM By Greg Richter   One day after his party took a drubbing in the midterm elections, President Barack Obama said he had no intention of signing a Republican bill to overturn … Continue reading

Boehner Forms Focus Group for Border Crisis

From Breitbart: House Speaker John Boehner announced a member working group on the ongoing crisis of unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors crossing the southwest border Tuesday.  Headed by Texas Republican Rep. Kay Granger and composed mainly of congressman from border states, Boehner said he is forming the group to keep Congress up to date on the “crisis” because “the president has failed to take the necessary steps to address this crisis.” “The president has allowed a national security and humanitarian crisis to develop on the U.S. southern border.  There are two imperatives here: protect those children and secure our border,” Boehner … Continue reading

Booehner capitulates on Lerner, to Holder

Watch: Boehner Just Surrendered To … Eric Holder Boehner has made his decision, and its not going to help real justice. B. Christopher Agee — May 12, 2014 | Western Journalism (see video) Days after Republicans in the chamber led a vote to hold former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress, House Speaker John Boehner announced his intention to effectively neuter representatives hoping to enforce a real penalty against her. Despite her consistent pattern of stonewalling investigators trying to get to the bottom of the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups, he indicated the House’s role in the Lerner … Continue reading

Benghazi black hole

Not much has changed since these clips. Oh, “the kind of insanity we’re dealing with.” The outrage goes on. Boehner, complicit or just complacent? Did CIA’s Mike Morell Lie Under Oath About Changing the Benghazi Talking Points? April 2, 2014 After former acting CIA Director Mike Morell testified to the House Intelligence Committee that he is the one who changed the Benghazi talking points, Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) renewed her call for a select committee to investigate the attack. She suggested that Morell either lied to senators shortly after the attack, or lied during his testimony today. 4 Dead in … Continue reading

Broun Says Boehner Not Conservative Enough

The Daily Caller: Georgia Republican Rep. Paul Broun took a swipe at Speaker of the House John Boehner Monday, saying that he is not conservative enough. Broun, who is running for Senate in Georgia, hit Rep. Jack Kingston, another Republican congressman seeking the Senate nomination for not being sufficiently conservative. He contended that lawmaker rankings from National Journal are not accurate because they equated being conservative with voting with the speaker. National Journal ranked Kingston as the second most conservative member of the Georgia delegation, and the 17th most conservative in the House overall. Broun was ranked 196th overall, making … Continue reading

Wild Bill: Horse Pucky John

Bill has a few choice words about John Boehner, Speaker of the House: “blocking the formation of a select committee on Benghazi…” That explains a lot.  I have been wondering why Rep. Darrell Issa, who has been leading the charge on the administration scandals, isn’t making any headway. In my view there are only two reasons to do so: 1) Since Americans have a short memory, wait until 2014 to skewer obama over Benghazi and thus destroy the administration’s narrative including the Hildabeast’s chances for 2016.  A twofer. 2) Boehner is part of the cover-up. What do you think? ~ … Continue reading

Crybaby Johnny, At It Again.

Any one still believe this Man’s Country denizen is a conservative? If so, maybe THIS story will remove your blinders. From     Boehner Slaps Conservatives: ‘This is Ridiculous’.   December 11, 2013 – 11:22 AM By Susan Jones House Speaker John Boehner ,(PSP-Oh.) crying about not “stifling” those damned “conservatives” again. C’mon, Ohio. GET WITH IT, and boot this bum.   (  – House Speaker John Boehner on Wednesday took a swipe at conservative  groups that “came out and opposed” a bipartisan budget deal “before they  ever saw it.” “They’re using our members, and they’re using the American … Continue reading

Always Trust Your Instincts.

Many times, when I’ve posted about House Speaker John Boehner (PSP-Oh) I’ve made joking references to him being “light in the loafers”. I’m beginning to wonder how RIGHT I was. From The Right   Boehner signals support for gay Republican candidates… Posted by The Right Scoop    December 5th, 2013 ” You guys FORGOT the LUBE?????”   Strange bedfellows indeed.   “What time are we going to Man’s Country, Mr. President? “ “I think it is YOUR turn to “top”  “Meet you there as soon as I can ditch Moochelle”.     Boehner announced support for gay Republicans today: TPM – … Continue reading

Imagine THAT. Boehner Waves The White Flag.

In a move that simply does NOT surprise me, Boehner caved YET AGAIN. The time has come to stick a fork in the PSP leadership. Disgusting. From   Surrender: House Will Vote First on Senate Debt Deal.         Can anyone say they are surprised the Chief Surrender Monkey gave up?   by             Mike Flynn      16 Oct 2013, 7:38 AM PDT Like rubbing salt in an open wound, it was announced Wednesday that the House would vote first on any Senate deal to reopen government and lift the debt ceiling. The move to pass a deal that many conservatives see as a … Continue reading

Turncoat ? You Read And Decide.

Found this nugget at  Read for yourself, and draw your conclusions. I know what MINE is. Sources: Ryan Compromise Will Keep Obamacare ‘Forever’.         IF this is true, YOU, sir, have ELIMINATED any chance at higher office.             by             Matthew Boyle      11 Oct 2013, 12:38 PM PDT Breitbart News reported that House Republicans have offered a new deal to the White House to end the fiscal stalemate. The GOP plan, authored primarily by House Budget Chair Rep. Paul Ryan according to Hill sources, would meet Obama’s demands in exchange for negotiations on a longer-term budget agreement. At least two high-ranking Capitol … Continue reading

Behind The Smokescreen

Judson Phillips has a good take on the government shutdown. Tea Party Nation has the story. Pay no attention to the Obama smoke screen   Posted by Judson Phillips on October 6, 2013 at 9:20am in Tea Party Nation Forum The stories about how the Obama Regime and Harry Reid’s shutdown are coming almost faster than we can deal with them. The Regime has closed the World War 2 Memorial. They closed the Iwo Jima Memorial. They closed Mount Rushmore and the scenic overpass that allows people to look at it. They closed privately owned businesses on Federal thoroughfares. Today … Continue reading

OK,GOP Morons, HERE It Is.

In an interesting piece, the blueprint for conservatives is pretty much laid out. It is simple. Even a RINO can do it. But, they won’t. From The American   It’s so simple, even THESE asshats could do it……. ‘ Nuff Said. September 10, 2013 Discredit Liberalism Utterly By Christopher  Chantrill Conservatives  have a Hamlet question this week.  Whether to ’tis nobler in the mind to  back President Obama as commander-in-chief, right or wrong.  Or to take arm  against a sea of troubles and defeat the president on his Syria war resolution. Or,  perchance to dream that, at this point, … Continue reading

The BASTARDS. Time To Make RINOS Extinct.

Break out a new pisstivity meter. The sonofabitch who calls himself The Speaker Of The House is at it AGAIN. What the hell will it take for the damnable GOP to wake the hell up?  From  Bastards.   Report: House GOP Leadership Plan Procedural Trick to Avoid Obamacare Funding Fight  You two bastards need to be sent to the DNC. You DAMN sure aren’t representing US. You two BASTARDS. Time to hunt’em down, and make’em EXTINCT.             by             Matthew Boyle     9 Sep 2013, 3:24 PM PDT Sources close to House conservative leaders have confirmed to Breitbart News that House GOP … Continue reading