Heeeeere’s JODI !

Been slackin’ on my Jodi vids lately. My Bad. To make up for it, I offer you a double dose of our Lovely Lib Lashing Lady…..     This Week’s…..     ‘Til next time…. ~Terry

Heeeeere’s JODI !!

Long time readers of ‘Nox & Friends may remember my weekly spotlight on NewsBusted, hosted by that cute little conservative lib sticker Jodi Miller. Starring the idiocy of the left, and co-starring an occasional jab at the right. Jodi doesn’t hold back when stupidity sticks it’s chin out To catch us up to speed, I’m having a 2fer1, last weeks, followed by today’s episode. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.   ~Terry BUT WAIT……THERE’S MORE !!   


Time again for us to see who Jodi blasts this week. As always, from Newsbusters.org Enjoy.   Tune in again next time to see who Jodi nails. ~ CLYDE. Pleased to bring Jodi to you.


Time again for the chick who gives the left chills of anger. As always, from Newsbusters.org   Nothing like Jodi zinging the leftist losers with HUMOR. Thanks for tuning in. CLYDE. “Just zinging in rain…..”


Nothing like adding a bit of humor into our exposing the left for the lunatics they are. Jodi always delivers. As usual, from Newsbusters.org  Enjoy.   You just got to love the way Jodi dishes derision on the Donkeys. ~ CLYDE. Catch Jodi next week. Same bat-time, same bat-channel.


Time to see what the finest female fighting fools has to say. As always, from Newsbusters.org   You just GOT to laugh at the way Jodi skewers the lunatics. Hope you enjoyed it. ~ CLYDE. She’s my girl……  


Time again to watch as she skewers libs with the greatest of ease. She’s on fire this week. As always, from Newsbusters.org     Hope you enjoyed her screed as much as I do. Tune in again next week. CLYDE. Always good to watch the LEFT get pilloried for a change.


Time again for our “Gal Pal”, as she kicks the left with aplomb. From Newsbusters.org Enjoy   Hope you enjoyed Jodi’s latest lib-bashing. Tune in again next time. ~ CLYDE. Just loving watching libs being lampooned.  


Time again for the “Damsel Who Damns Democrats”. Enjoy. Jodi Miller comes to us via Newsbusters.org     Hope you all enjoyed Jodi’s latest leftist bash. ~ CLYDE. You GO, Jodi !!