Local Democrats Express Solidarity With Islamic Extremists in Wake of Election

by John Rossomando DECEMBER 6, 2016 7:52 AM Some Democratic politicians, eager to stand in solidarity with the Muslim community and speak out against hate in the wake of the recent heated presidential election, have thrown their support behind some of the Islamic community’s most extreme elements. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring and some local Democratic politicians from Northern Virginia, made this evident when they showed up at a Veterans Day event at the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia. Dar al-Hijrah stands in infamy as the mosque attended by two of the 9/11 hijackers, and as the mosque where … Continue reading

Quote Of The Day — September 25, 2015

. “We have discovered how to hit the Jews where they are most vulnerable. The Jews love life, so that is what we will take from them. We are going to win, because they love life and we love death.” Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah   ~ ~   Grouchy   ~ ~

The Big Difference Between Munich and the Iran Deal

Written by Don Feder at Grasstops.USA: It’s 220 miles and 77 years from Munich to Vienna, where Obama’s nuclear capitulation to Iran was negotiated. Whenever a grounded-in-reality person (non-Democrat) compares the Iran surrender to peace-for-our-time, liberals get unhinged. In a way, they’re right. Vienna is worse than Munich. In September 1938, Hitler was relatively weak. Then, the combined aircraft production of Britain and France exceeded Germany’s. Before Munich, it could plausibly be argued that Hitler also hadn’t invaded anything. He had remilitarized the Rhineland, which was German territory. When the Wehrmacht crossed the border into Austria in March of 1938, there wasn’t … Continue reading

Jerusalem Belongs to the Jews

Here’s a video that the Palestinians don’t want seen with regard to Jerusalem belong to Arabs and the city being one of their holy sites.  That narrative is bullshit as you will see.  Here is the evidence: We all know that the Palestinians are an invented people.  They didn’t exist before 1967.  If they did, where is the archeological evidence  of their currency?  Their architecture?  Their libraries?  Their anything? The whole narrative is bullshit created by the left and other Israel haters, most notably the UN.  It’s no more complicated than that. Jerusalem Belongs to the Jews.  Period. ~ Hardnox

Temple Mount Connected to Coming Blood Moon Tetrads

Source: Christian Newswire CRANE, Mo., March 10, 2014 Authors claim tension over Temple Mount, coming Tetrads on Jewish Feast days connected to end-times prophecy. With recent developments throughout the Middle East and especially those surrounding Israel, many church leaders have increasingly felt the need to clearly put into perspective the potential prophetic ramifications of what may be unfolding today. Speaking with the world’s most respected prophecy scholars, a heightened sense of awareness exists involving global events that seem, to some, torn from the pages of apocalyptic literature. “Something is in the wind,” noted prophecy expert Tom Horn says. He points to … Continue reading

Al Sharpton – Better Late than Never

From Breitbart: Al Sharpton Condemns the Knock-Out Game Rev. Al Sharpton denounced the nationwide trend of “knockout game” attacks on Saturday, saying the behavior by mostly black youth attacking random white, Jewish, and Asian strangers to knock them out with one punch “is deplorable and must be condemned by all us.” Sharpton made his remarks at his weekly National Action Network meeting in Harlem, according to the New York Post. The victims of the “knockout game” have been predominantly white. Some have been of Asian descent. In New York, many of the victims have been Jews, including a 12-year-old Jewish boy. “We would … Continue reading