Trump “Calls” UN’s Vote against US Jerusalem Embassy and doubles down (updated)

  Future of Jerusalem: Trump threatens to cut aid to UN members over Jerusalem vote   TRT World December 18, 2017 Donald Trump has threatened to cut aid to countries that vote against his decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The UN General Assembly will hold an emergency session on Thursday to vote on a resolution that doesn’t mention the US, but states any decision on Jerusalem should be withdrawn. It’s the second American threat in as many days to members of the General Assembly.       December 20, 2017 The UN General Assembly is set … Continue reading

Reactions to Recognizing Jerusalem As Capital of Israel

  When President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a firestorm erupted around the world. People in predominantly Muslim countries marched against that recognition. But why? Just naming a building as an embassy doesn’t mean there have to be no other buildings so designated. Dumb liberals and Muslims would have people think different but here is a very important fact NO ONE WANTS TO RECOGNIZE. The US has a building in Tel Aviv that is referred to as our embassy but it also already has a U.S. consulate-general in Jerusalem, just around the corner from the Prime Minister’s … Continue reading

Jerusalem Belongs to the Jews

Here’s a video that the Palestinians don’t want seen with regard to Jerusalem belong to Arabs and the city being one of their holy sites.  That narrative is bullshit as you will see.  Here is the evidence: We all know that the Palestinians are an invented people.  They didn’t exist before 1967.  If they did, where is the archeological evidence  of their currency?  Their architecture?  Their libraries?  Their anything? The whole narrative is bullshit created by the left and other Israel haters, most notably the UN.  It’s no more complicated than that. Jerusalem Belongs to the Jews.  Period. ~ Hardnox

Temple Mount Connected to Coming Blood Moon Tetrads

Source: Christian Newswire CRANE, Mo., March 10, 2014 Authors claim tension over Temple Mount, coming Tetrads on Jewish Feast days connected to end-times prophecy. With recent developments throughout the Middle East and especially those surrounding Israel, many church leaders have increasingly felt the need to clearly put into perspective the potential prophetic ramifications of what may be unfolding today. Speaking with the world’s most respected prophecy scholars, a heightened sense of awareness exists involving global events that seem, to some, torn from the pages of apocalyptic literature. “Something is in the wind,” noted prophecy expert Tom Horn says. He points to … Continue reading