The Deep Roots of the Obama/Clinton Muslim Outreach

A recent Hardnox post included a video clip of Tucker Carlson, and in that clip there was a throwaway line about Obama having destroyed the records of his Regime’s outreach to the American Muslim community.  Curious minds want to know why Batears thought he had to hide the evidence, considering how friggin’ important making nicey-nicey with Muslims is to the Left:  “Diversity” and all that, y’know. Well, we discovered that President “Call To Prayer” Barack, through his hack trusty Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, started this outreach, funded with American taxpayer money, at least as far back as 2009.  In … Continue reading

More Democrat Email Leaks. Someone Give ‘Em New Condoms, Please.

Not satisfied with losing control of the emails of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta … not satisfied with giving three Muslims access to emails of Democrat House members … we now learn that Feh Johnson and his crackerjack crew over at DHS also leaked secure information like a worn-out prophylactic.  Courtesy of the 17 February 2017 newsletter from Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch: Another Obama Administration Email Scandal – At Homeland Security  Hillary Clinton may be the poster child of skullduggerous email practices, but she wasn’t the only one in the Obama administration to put sensitive matters at risk on … Continue reading

Why Is Jeh Johnson Flexing Muscle Now Less Than Fifteen Days Before A New Administration

Statement by Secretary Jeh Johnson on the Designation of Election Infrastructure as a Critical Infrastructure Subsector Release Date: January 6, 2017 For Immediate Release I have determined that election infrastructure in this country should be designated as a subsector of the existing Government Facilities critical infrastructure sector. Given the vital role elections play in this country, it is clear that certain systems and assets of election infrastructure meet the definition of critical infrastructure, in fact and in law. I have reached this determination so that election infrastructure will, on a more formal and enduring basis, be a priority for cybersecurity … Continue reading

Are You A Muslim Who’s Feeling Harassed? Call Jeh Johnson!

There is so, so, sooo much leftist crap for President Trump to shut down and undo, that my mind boggles at simply trying to list it all. Now, thanks to my heroes at Judicial Watch, we learn that Jeh Johnson ordered behind-the-scenes tours of American airports’ most secure areas, and briefings on the operations of TSA security, for Somali Muslim immigrants. Why? Because they had complained about “feeling harassed”. Judicial Watch’s article does not say so, but I sense the hand of ISNA and its fellow Muslim Brotherhood front groups at work here. And of course, Jeh, ever the loyal … Continue reading

When Laws Are Meant For Underlings And Not Bosses

Jeh Johnson granted special waiver on first day of official ban. Practice Continued Even After Clinton Email Revelations. (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today announced it obtained 693 pages of Department of Homeland Security records revealing that Secretary Jeh Johnson and 28 other agency officials used government computers to access personal web-based email accounts despite an agency-wide ban due to heightened security concerns.  The documents also reveal that Homeland Security officials misled Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) when Perry specifically asked whether personal accounts were being used for official government business. The records were obtained in response to a February 2016 … Continue reading

Weapons-grade Stupid

That is the most polite way to describe this administration, and specifically DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson. The Obama administration is going to great lengths to assure the American public that the thousands of ‘refugees’ they want to bring to our shores from the middle-east jihadist hotbed will be “thoroughly vetted” before allowed entry.  At least, that is their claim. There are many who harbor doubts on the thoroughness of that vetting process, for good reason.  The latest revelation will do little to quiet their concerns. From The Hill: Immigration officials prohibited from looking at visa applicants’ social media   Homeland … Continue reading

DHS to Revive Terrorism Alert System for Domestic Threats

From Defense One: President Barack Obama’s top homeland security official has ordered a review of the nation’s terrorism alert system to reflect what he called the growing threat of attacks originating within the United States. The U.S. has never used the National Terrorism Alert System, a two-level system that replaced the oft-derided color-coded terrorism alerts installed after 9/11 to spread the word about potential attacks from abroad. But after a “homegrown violent extremist” killed five service members in Chattanooga, Tenn. — and amid the expectation of more terrorist-inspired attacks — the Department of Homeland Security wants to revise and jumpstart the system. … Continue reading

Trey Gowdy Shreds Jeh Johnson over Sanctuary Cities

From Truth Revolt: “San Francisco sure as hell was not a sanctuary for a young woman walking with her father.” Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) reigned fire onto Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson over his department’s failure to secure the American border and its allowance of sanctuary cities, like San Francisco, where illegal immigrants can fly below the radar of law enforcement. Gowdy’s top concern was the recent murder of 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle, killed by a multi-deportee illegal alien, as she walked along a San Francisco pier with her dad. The murderer, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, admitted to choosing San … Continue reading

Reading the Koran Reminds Jeh Johnson of American Values

From the Gateway Pundit: Jeh Johnson was recognized yesterday by the Muslim Public Affairs Council. Upon receiving the award, the head of DHS told the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) that reading the Koran reminds him of “quintessentially American values.” “The reading of the Quran reminded me of 2 things that MLK said a lot, which are quintessentially American values” Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson visited the Islamic Center of San Gabriel this past November to discuss civil rights and liberties with area Muslims. Johnson told the group, “ISIL is neither Islamic nor a state.” ~~~~~~~~~ If we weren’t aware that … Continue reading

Asshat Alert: Head of DHS Just Said What???

From Pat Dollard: DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY JEH JOHNSON: “We in the administration and the government should give voice to the plight of Muslims living in this country and the discrimination that they face. And so I personally have committed to speak out about the situation that very often people in the Muslim community in this country face. The fact that there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and the Islamic faith is one about peace and brotherhood. “ ~~~~~~~~~ Yes, he just said that – click here to watch the video. Strange…I thought his job was to … Continue reading

Speaking of ‘Mindnumbingly Stupid’…

From Allen West: Just when you think the Dems couldn’t possibly get any stupider, well, they just do. They continue to prove that their stupidness is infinite. It’s out there in the airwaves trashing out the galaxy. Every day I ask myself, can the Obama administration demonstrate any more incompetence? And every day I’m not let down – but today is really something special. As reported by CNS News, “Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said at a House Homeland Security Committee hearing last Wednesday that granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in the United States could encourage terrorists among … Continue reading