Project Veritas To The Rescue. Again.

James O’Keefe and his fantastic crew at Project Veritas are at it again. The latest plan by the demented left has hopefully been squelched by their actions. The following is a series of 3 emails they issued today.   For the past several weeks, our undercover teams have been going deep undercover to get in with the radical, alt-left groups that are planning to disrupt the Presidential Inauguration this week. We’re used to dealing with devious people doing devious things, but this time, it was frightening for everyone involved. These people looked and talked like the radical “Weather Underground” terrorists … Continue reading

Project Veritas Voter Fraud investigation : Part 2

In my post yesterday was Part 1 of James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas latest effort on democratic Voter Fraud. And it was a doozie. It had some limited exposure on Fox News, but little elsewhere in the MSM. It did cause the dims to circle the wagons. Donna Brazile, the interim DNC chair (replacing Debbie Washerwoman Schitz who was promoted?/demoted? for getting caught in her underhandedness ) came out calling the videos “doctored” and denouncing O’Keefe as a convicted criminal . I heard a smattering about some firings of people implicated in the video. Scott Foval for one. I will try to find … Continue reading

Al Sharpton: Show Me the Money

From Bizpac Review: Confirming What We Already Knew The families and supporters Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin rip the shroud of “justice” from the “Rev.” Al Sharpton in James O’Keefe’s latest undercover project released Tuesday, confirming for the whole world what conservatives have known all along. With Sharpton: It’s all about the money. “When you have a fuse that’s already lit, you don’t need to add no more fire to it,” Bishop Calvin Scott of Ferguson, Mo., said about Sharpton. “Knowing their history, it’s about money.” With these words, O’Keefe begins his latest video. His reporters interview friends, … Continue reading

Thank GOD For Project Veritas

In the weeks running up to last Tuesday’s miraculous republican victory, there had been a series of reports out about democrat voter fraud, and James O’Keefe’s efforts at exposing that fraud. We ran several of his videos showing various democrat campaign workers assisting in outright, and covert fraud. O’Keefe NAILED their asses to the walls. I think it DID help curb SOME fraud. Story from Greg Corombos at WND   Vote-fraud undercover videos ‘made a difference’ Work by Project Veritas coincided with plunge for Dem candidates Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe notes that his organization did an undercover video about … Continue reading

Chalk Up Another Project Veritas Win.

In the case against democrat voter fraud that is. Too many democrats, and not ENOUGH James O’Keefes. This one comes out of North Carolina. From Caroline May at   Conservative Activist Allegedly Shows Ease of Voter Fraud Without Photo ID in NC by Caroline May 3 Nov 2014, 10:46 AM PDT Conservative activist James O’Keefe is back with another video that should frighten legal voters in North Carolina. His latest project shows how easy it would be to obtain a fraudulent ballot when a state does not require an ID at the polls. This election cycle, the state of … Continue reading

Don’t Get Too Cocky. The Other Side Is Democrat.

Feeling confident about the GOP taking back the U.S. Senate tomorrow ? DON’T BE ! Investigative Reporter James O’Keefe has completely destroyed the idea that voting with no ID requirements does not result in election fraud.   And there are 19 states where this is possible (and likely) In the map below, states in green have strict photo ID laws on the books while those in yellow have less strict photo ID requirements. States in blue have non-photo voter ID laws while those in gray have no voter ID law on the books. You can read more about the various voter … Continue reading

” Democrat Voter Fraud” ? “The Shit You Say”.

Here we go again. This time in North Carolina. The GREAT James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas crew strike again. O’Keefe and the crew video taped democrat poll workers HELPING an illegal immigrant to vote. From and Caroline May.   New O’Keefe Video Allegedly Shows Democratic Poll Workers Assisting Illegal, Non-Citizen to Vote in NC   by  Caroline May  30 Oct 2014, Conservative activist James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas is out with a new video showing Democratic campaign workers appearing to condone and assist an individual posing as an illegal immigrant to vote in North Carolina. In the video, a … Continue reading

Zuckerberg Zucks.

For those of you who believe Facebook is a GOOD thing, I beg to differ. When your account is in good standing, and JUST BECAUSE you caught a leftist making an ass of herself, is THAT any reason to SHUT DOWN the user’s account?  I damn sure don’t think so. From Patrick Howley at The Daily   James O’Keefe’s Facebook Page Shut Down 8:36 AM 10/25/2014  By Patrick Howley Conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe’s personal Facebook account was shut down Friday. O’Keefe was trending on Facebook Thursday after his group Project Veritas’ latest video captured Colorado-based Greenpeace official Christen Topping describing a “ghetto” … Continue reading

Watch Osama bin Laden Wade into the U.S.

For those who believed Harry Reid when he said, “the border is secure,” or for others who assume that the Rio Grande is a deep, wide river, you’re both WRONG! Watch as “Osama bin Laden” wades across the Rio Grande and into the U.S. without even getting his “junk” wet. This is a short video (6:25) by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas to illustrate how easy it would be for terrorists to slip into the country. He’s not lying.   What will it take? A terrorist bombing? Before Onumbnuts will be FORCED to admit that our border is porous and … Continue reading

From The “Anti-Fracking Hysteria” File.

Among the biggest hypocrites on the planet, what I call Hollyweirders,it seems as if  some of them are worse than others. Especially the “environmentally concerned ” ones. After reading this, I think you will agree. From The New   Tuesday, 27 May 2014 13:57  By Alex Wilson Hollywood “Environmentalist” Zealots Exposed in Sting    A Middle Eastern oil tycoon named Muhammad wanted to make sure Americans never become energy independent, thus ensuring a steady stream of U.S. funds to enrich himself at your expense. To that end, Muhammad decided to use $9 million of his family dynasty’s wealth to … Continue reading