A Progressive Thanksgiving Blessing

On this eve of our Thanksgiving for all that we have been Blessed with, and remembrance of the Pilgrims who braved and sacrificed so much in their quest to settle this wonderful country of ours centuries ago, we must not forget the Progressives. They too have much to be thankful for, though they had to ponder for a great deal of time before they discovered exactly where to place that gratitude. This prayer was written in 2007, so a few discrepancies to today may be apparent, but the meaning is still intact. Blessing of the Government Taxes Let me, Dear … Continue reading

Foundations Giving Millions To Groups With Ties To Radical Terrorists – Foreign and Domestic

ANOTHER NAIL IN THE COFFIN FOR REASONS TO GET RID OF THE TAX GROUP – 501(c)3 Investigation: Foundations Gave Millions To Groups Accused Of Terror Ties The Daily Caller Peter Hasson Associate Editor Major American foundations have given millions of dollars in funding to Islamic organizations accused of having ties to radical Islamist movements or designated terrorist organizations and a group of activists are trying to convince them to stop. Groups like Islamic Relief Worldwide, which some countries have banned for allegedly funding Hamas and other terrorist organizations, have received millions of dollars from corporate charities like the GE Foundation, … Continue reading

Koskinen Appointment Is Expiring – Hip, Hip, Hooray!

  IRS Commissioner John Koskinen’s term expires on Nov. 12, 2017. President Trump has as yet not appointed someone to Commissioner of Internal Revenue to replace him. In a Treasury Department press release issued October 25, 2017, Secretary Mnuchin has announced that he intends to designate Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy David Kautter as Acting Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service. He will officially begin that position on November 12th. He will continue to carry out his Assistant Secretary duties, including working on tax reform, while serving as Acting Commissioner. Deputy Commissioners Kirsten Wielobob and Jeff Tribiano will continue to run … Continue reading

Victory Against IRS After Long Years Of Litigation

Victory Against IRS After Long Years Of Litigation     American Center for Law and Justice Miles Terry July 19, 2017 It has long been established that IRS officials under the Obama Administration “orchestrated a complex scheme to dump conservative and Tea Party non-profit applicants into a bureaucratic ‘black hole.’” Hundreds of documents have been uncovered in recent years that clearly establish that “top IRS officials in Washington, including Lois Lerner and Holly Paz, knew that the agency was specifically targeting ‘Tea Party’ and other conservative organizations.” The ACLJ is pleased to announce that after a long, arduous legal battle our client, the Albuquerque Tea Party, has finally received … Continue reading

Obama NSA used for domestic political intelligence & violated Constitution

Obama NSA used for domestic political intelligence & violated Constitution     Judicial Watch Seeks Docs on Obama White House Spying Scandal With the news this week of the unprecedented spying on Americans by the National Security Agency under President Obama’s direction, it has become even more critical that we get to the truth about any Obama administration surveillance of Donald Trump and his campaign and the subsequent illegal leaking of classified information in an effort to undermine the Trump administration. We filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice and the National Security … Continue reading

IRS launches investigation of Clinton Foundation

IRS launches investigation of Clinton Foundation   In case you missed this Fox News report. Honestly I think all 501 organizations need to lose their exempt status, including PACS, labor unions, universities or colleges, and churches.  We need to be able to hold all groups not just select groups accountable for taxes and donations of sizeable amounts. There have been too many who have gotten away this for too long. Plus there are many Islamic groups within these tax loops that should be investigated for their sources of income and expenditures. Anyone think this is going to be a legitimate, … Continue reading

Ted Cruz Slams IRS and Obama Syndicate

    This opening statement is a fantastic Statesman Speech on the order of Ronald Reagan concerning the IRS and its current misuse.  Kudos to Cruz for his comments. I can not add a single word since his speech is so well said. –Uriel–  

DOJ’s Office of Legal Council Blocking IG Investigations

DOJ facing bipartisan criticism for move to ‘undermine’ gov’t watchdogs FOX NEWS July 27, 2015 Matt Fossen – contributor The Justice Department is facing bipartisan criticism for clamping down on government watchdogs’ access to documents, in a decision lawmakers say defies Congress and undermines those tasked with rooting out government misconduct. The DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel issued a 68-page memo last week that said the department’s inspector general would be required to get permission from the agencies it oversees to obtain wire taps, grand jury testimonies, and credit information. IGs are assigned to audit and conduct internal reviews of … Continue reading

IRS says thieves stole tax info from 100,000

This is the Governmental Agency charged with the safekeeping of our medical records under the Affordable Care Act. Stephen Ohlemacher and APNewsBreak have the story. APNewsBreak: IRS says thieves stole tax info from 100,000 By STEPHEN OHLEMACHER May. 26, 2015 4:53 PM EDT     WASHINGTON (AP) — Thieves used an online service provided by the IRS to gain access to information from more than 100,000 taxpayers, the agency said Tuesday. The information included tax returns and other tax information on file with the IRS. The IRS said the thieves accessed a system called “Get Transcript.” In order to access … Continue reading

Congressman Solidarity -IRS Investigate Clinton Foundation

WESTERN JOURNALISM By B. Christopher Agee May 19, 2015 52 House Republicans Just Did Something That Will Strike Fear Into Hillary’s Heart! In response to Hillary Clinton’s ongoing scandal regarding controversial donations made to her family’s nonprofit organization, dozens of GOP legislators have added their names to a letter to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn drafted the correspondence, which is intended to convince Koskinen to investigate the Clinton Foundation in light of allegations published in Peter Schweizer’s latest book Clinton Cash. The letter cited “recent media reports” which “revealed that the Foundation failed to report millions of dollars in grants … Continue reading

Company Responsible for the Healthcare.gov Fiasco Hired by IRS

 BOMBSHELL: IRS Contract For MILLIONS With Company that Botched Healthcare.gov From: dailycaller.com  by: Richard Pollock, 1/21/2015 – editorial comments are mine. Garnet92   We’ve all heard the old saying about insanity often attributed to Albert Einstein: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Someone please explain to me why this action by the IRS shouldn’t qualify as insanity. Seven months after federal officials fired CGI Federal for its botched work on Obamacare website Healthcare.gov, the IRS awarded the same company a $4.5 million IT contract for its new Obamacare tax program. Bloomberg now … Continue reading

The IRS Scandal … It’s Baaack …

  The Obamacare-IRS Scandal From: Judicial Watch’s Weekly Update, January 16, 2015, read the whole report HERE. There is a lawsuit that could bring President Obama’s federal healthcare crashing down under the weight of its own lawlessness. A few weeks ago, we filed an amicus brief in support of plaintiffs who are making the plain obvious point to the United States Supreme Court that President Obama (or any other president) should not be permitted to rewrite federal statues in brazen violation of the U.S. Constitution’s separation of powers. The plaintiffs in David King et. Al. v. Sylvia Burwell are appealing … Continue reading

Quote Of The Day — September 7, 2014

. “Every sentient human being whose brain isn’t stuffed with ideological fairy dust can see that Obama is behind every major scandal of his administration from Benghazi to the I.R.S. disgrace. How can one know this? Because the culprits haven’t been fired. Moreover, if they are serial liars like Susan Rice, they’ve actually been promoted to posts where their loyalty to the criminal-in-chief can do America and its citizens even more damage, if that is possible.”   Ben Shapiro   ~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~

Lerner Sought Audit of GOP Senator, or Was It the Event Planner?

From Yahoo News and AP: Congressional investigators say they uncovered emails Wednesday showing that a former Internal Revenue Service official at the heart of the tea party investigation sought an audit involving a Republican senator in 2012. The emails show former IRS official Lois Lerner mistakenly received an invitation to an event that was meant to go to Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa. The event organizer apparently offered to pay for Grassley’s wife to attend the event. In an email to another IRS official, Lerner suggests referring the matter for an audit, saying it might be inappropriate for the group to … Continue reading

Trey Gowdy Whacks IRS Commissioner Koskinen into little pieces.

Trey Gowdy Whacks the IRS Commissioner, Mr. Koskinen into little pieces. If you’re a conservative and you want to start this Tuesday off on a happy note, you gotta see this! I’ve been wondering where Trey Gowdy was, since I haven’t seen much written about him lately. I assumed that he was busily at work investigating the Benghazi scandal and keeping things on the “down low” until he was ready to expose the evidence damning Obama and Hillary Clinton. Well, he showed up at the IRS hearing and proceeded to hack and slash poor Mr. Koskinen into tiny, little pieces. … Continue reading

The EPA was destroying computer files way before those hacks at the IRS

Posted on Hot Air at 9:31 am on June 22, 2014 by Jazz Shaw In the midst of all the sound and fury surrounding the case of My Dog At my E-mails at the IRS, Sharyl Attkisson has dug up a little noted piece of government history which reminds us that federal agencies have plenty of experience in playing fast and loose with the rules. More than a decade ago, the EPA was found to have pulled a similar stunt, but they were far less oblique about it when caught with their hands in the cookie jar. According to an … Continue reading

Whispers from the Grave of the Fourth Estate

While I can’t say that I’m surprised, it is frustrating that the preposterous (intentional) loss of Lois Lerner’s (and others) emails at the IRS goes almost entirely unreported by the LIV media. As reported by Newsbusters, the Washington Post didn’t report on the emails until Tuesday, June 17 (buried on page A-17). The New York Times also reported the story on Tuesday, and on page A-15. WaPo has yet to report that the IRS also “lost” emails for another six of the IRS staffers whose records were requested by the House Committee. The headline was shown on CBS This Morning … Continue reading

Finally, Some Legal Action with Balls

This is a tad long, but I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by the contents of Ms. Mitchell’s legal attack on the IRS. Cleta Mitchell to the IRS: Answer this From Powerline.  Posted by Scott Johnson, June 16, 2014 Washington superlawyer Cleta Mitchell represents True the Vote, one of the groups illegally targeted by the IRS in the scandals that have exposed the agency as a partisan operation. True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht has been harassed by federal law enforcement authorities representing three different federal agencies. They represent the price of politics in the Age of Obama. Cleta has … Continue reading

Judicial Watch Obtains New IRS Documents

From Townhall: New documents obtained and released through a Judicial Watch lawsuit show the targeting of tea party and conservative groups came directly out of Washington D.C., not a rogue IRS office in Cincinnati. On July 6, 2012, former Director of the IRS Rulings and Agreements Division and current Manager of Exempt Organizations Guidance Holly Paz sent an email to IRS Attorney Steven Grodnitzky asking for an explanation of how tea party group applications were being handled. Grodnitzky responded by confirming the cases were being handled in Washington. “EOT is working the Tea party applications in coordination with Cincy [Cincinnati]. … Continue reading

Booehner capitulates on Lerner, to Holder

Watch: Boehner Just Surrendered To … Eric Holder Boehner has made his decision, and its not going to help real justice. B. Christopher Agee — May 12, 2014 | Western Journalism (see video) Days after Republicans in the chamber led a vote to hold former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress, House Speaker John Boehner announced his intention to effectively neuter representatives hoping to enforce a real penalty against her. Despite her consistent pattern of stonewalling investigators trying to get to the bottom of the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups, he indicated the House’s role in the Lerner … Continue reading