This Is Not “Winning”

According to several online sources, President Trump is about to sign legislation, already approved by the Republican-controlled House and Senate, that will end one of the very few good legacies of King Putt:  Privacy regulations that were designed to protect your data, your identity and your habits and preferences when you shop online, browse the web, or make cell calls.  The ostensible reason is that the current rules are “confusing” and treat cell carriers differently than they do web hosts. So, in typical federal government style, we will see MORE data-collection accruing to big businesses, just to make their targeted … Continue reading

Ted Lieu (D-CA): Just Follow the Damn Constitution

From IJ Review: On Wednesday afternoon, Daniel Conley, the District Attorney for Suffolk, Massachusetts, testified before the Congressional Subcommittee on Information Technology on the expansion of law enforcement’s power to access data during investigations. Conley’s testimony comes just a month after FBI Director James Comey urged Congress to recognize the need for tech companies to implement ‘technological back doors’ that, with a proper search warrant, would allow investigators to circumvent encryption and gain immediate access to any information on a suspect’s device. Speaking from a prepared statement, Conley said: In America, we often say that none of us is above the law. But when unaccountable corporate interests … Continue reading