Tell Me It Ain’t So: Another Stimulus Package Coming?

Last night Mark Levin made a strong case AGAINST federally-funded infrastructure spending, correctly pointing out that such programs are paid for with dollars confiscated from the private sector. Yet it is undeniably true that our nation needs to repair or replace roads, bridges, airports, school buildings etc etc across the board — and since these are facilities that benefit the general public, the public should bear the cost. So how should president Trump fund his “Rebuild America” efforts? Are we in for another round of “you didn’t build that”? Steven Mufson at the L.A. Times (yeah, I know, the L.A. … Continue reading

Is The Nation’s Water Supply Safe?

From Defend Your H2O America’s Fire Hydrants Present the Next Great Threat to Homeland Security … Are We Doing All We Can to Protect the Public? Biological warfare, unprotected national borders, and threats at sea … all are on the hit list for those who seek to strike terror in the hearts of Americans. Even with the extraordinary security measures our government leaders are establishing, we live in an era of continual threat. Most citizens don’t realize that one of the most easily accessible and dangerous vulnerabilities that terrorists could exploit remains largely unchecked – America’s fire hydrants. It has … Continue reading

From The “You Ain’t Going To Believe This” File.

We’ve all read and heard about the MAJOR “disruptions” of normal life due to global warming. We’ve ALSO read the BULLSHIT about it, too. This story falls within the bullshit range. From The Washington     Attack of the Chicago climate change maggots The effects of climate change are creeping into Chicago’s low-income neighborhoods.   By Danielle Paquette July 23 2014   CHICAGO — Sewage gushed up Lori Burns’ toilet. It swept the floor. It wrecked the water heater, the deep freezer, her mother’s wedding veil. This basement invasion was the third in five years. Burns, 40, could no longer … Continue reading