Ambassador Nikki Haley speaks on Pakistan, Iran, and North Korea

  January 2, 2018 – Check out the question phase around 7:57. “You are so strong when it comes to the freedom and dignity of the Iranian people but you have a different meaning of freedom and dignity when it comes to the Palestinian people, who’ve been brutalized for over 50 years of occupation,” the Arabic Daily reporter said to Haley on Tuesday, referring to recent protests that have broken out in Iran. The reporter continued his question to Haley, asking “what made you believe that you are on the right side of history, when you stood alone in the Security … Continue reading

Another Day, Another Wheel Off The Train.

Of the U-frigging-N backed Global Warming Express, that is. As more countries delve in to the REAL agenda behind the global warming scam, more are saying No Mas to the U-frigging-N. And THAT would be a GOOD thing. Another plum from our friend Michael Bastasch at The Daily   India Will Defy UN On Global Warming And Not Peak CO2 Emissions Michael Bastasch   2:13 PM 07/06/2015   India is refusing to specify a year it will peak its carbon dioxide emissions levels from fossil fuel use, a blow to plans by the Obama administration and the United Nations to … Continue reading

Another “Climate Change Criminal” Story

Not only are the wheels coming off the global warming scam, so too, it seems, the personal lives of these liars. Al Gore, and his divorce from Tipper, Elon Musk’s company losing cash faster than the government can replace it, and now, another Nobel Peace Prize winner COULD be facing sexual harassment charges. Damn. Am I dreaming ???  Here is the news about U-frigging-N IPCC chief Rajenda Pachauri from Anthony Watts, at and The Economic Times of India Newspaper: U.N. IPCC chair Rajenda Pachauri faces sexual harassment charges – story then disappears from website Anthony Watts /  February 18, … Continue reading

GOOD News For India. BAD News For Leftists.

 In a report from India, the global warming Nazis strategery of keeping poor peoples poor is backfiring. One of their claims was how much MORE evil CO2 was going to be pumped into the skies over India, thereby making global warming WORSE,  if they decided to bring as much of their population into the 21st century as possible with electrification of many once-dark areas. Well, dear readers, THAT myth has exploded on the loons as well. Anthony Watts at sets the record straight. The end of the article is rather perplexing, however. Study: Improved electricity access has little impact … Continue reading

Obama — “U.S. One Of Biggest Muslim Nations”

. The following is from an alleged Constitutional Scholar, who masqueraded as a Community Organizer. Freedom Outpost and Tim Brown  have the story. Barack Hussein Obama: US is “One of the biggest Muslim nations”   Barack Hussein Obama gave an interview just days ago with the French television channel Canal+. In that interview, Obama echoed the words of his former DHS advisor Mohamed Elibiary when he said that Americans should be better educated about Islam, noting that the US could and should be regarded as a Muslim county. Obama called the US “one of the biggest Muslim nations.” Though Obama’s … Continue reading