MSM Would Rather Bash Than Seek Truth – Especially Where President Trump Is Involved

MSM Taking their cue on reporting as usual from….truth, hardly..from Democrat talking heads definitely…while internet searches on Google also can be counted on to place the MSM “mudslinging” first. However, the truth is in the timeline below.  It is up to readers to see where their truth lies. Simply checking with sites who have a handle on the situation should be the FIRST order of business before writing any post. Obviously, these people didn’t bother. Balance that against the little I got directly from Obama’s White House information and there is an obvious difference. This isn’t one of my usual blogs … Continue reading

The Hits Keep On Coming.

Against the scam known as man-made global warming, that is. In a new report released, NOAA says this hurricane season is NOT, let me repeat, NOT going to be “historic”, well, except maybe for LACK of hurricanes hitting the U.S. All this tripe, from Obama, Gore, the U-frigging-N IPCC, warning us of DIRE consequences of increased CO2 emissions, have, much like the REST of the fear-mongering over the non-existent problem, been WAY overblown. This comes to us from Barbara Hollingsworth, at   Despite Rising CO2 Levels, Hurricane Activity Remains At Historic Low September 8, 2014 – 3:39 PM By … Continue reading

Did YOU Know The Sky Is Falling?

Well, according to The Asshat-In-Chief, it is. I found this remarkable. Read the article, and see if you agree. From   Obama Warns of ‘Devastating’ Hurricanes, Despite Record 3,100 Days Since U.S. Has Had One. by Warner Todd Huston 1 Jun 2014   The U.S. has been lucky with hurricanes for sometime. In fact it has been over three thousand days since a category 3 or higher hurricane has made landfall in the US. However, despite this, President Obama has warned of “devastating” hurricanes because of global warming. The average hurricane season has about 12 storms large enough to … Continue reading