The Rise of the Daycare Generation

This is a rather long dissertation, if that’s the right word, but it leads to the crux of the issues being faced by today’s SJW snowflakes and mindless liberals. I listened to it while going about my kitchen business and I urge you to do the same. There’s nothing to look at so just hit play, turn it up, listen and absorb what this man says. He’s not a “genius”, so he claims, but he speaks the truth and nails where society when wrong. He also explains why these kids are so messed-up, (and he’s right, it’s not really their … Continue reading

Quote Of The Day — December 19, 2014

. “A mind, like a home, is furnished by its owner, so if one’s life is cold and bare he can blame none but himself. You have a chance to select from pretty elegant furnishings.” Louis L’Amour,  (22 March 1908 – 10 June 1988)   ~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~

Quote Of The Day — May 14, 2014

. There is no such truth as stasis. Life is Change. And Change is a constant of LIFE. In the time it takes to read this, the Earth has rotated on its axis. Earth has proceeded on its journey around the Sun. Sol has proceeded on its journey around the Galaxy. The Galaxy has proceeded on its journey around the axis of the Local Group of Galaxies. The Local Group is proceeding on its journey around its unknown axis. And you thought you were standing still!??? There is great truth in the statement, “You can’t go home again~!” Home is … Continue reading