Making Sense of the Russian Hacking Accusation.

From Canada Free Press Let’s try a little event history here to make sense of this Russian election hacking accusation.  It’s not exactly in order, rather it is how the events appear to connect and make sense to me, with lots of speculation on my part. Hillary Clinton sets up a private email server as Secretary of State, so that she can hide her correspondence from government scrutiny and from becoming part of the public record.  This is because it might open her up to future criminal charges if the content of her emails ever became public or were officially … Continue reading

Chairman Chaffetz Just Reamed Out FBI and Supoenaed All Records Pertaining To Clinton and Emails

Chaffetz subpoenas FBI for full Clinton email probe file         This is the full hearing and in particular explains a lot about house rules work. Mr. Cummins himself had questions on procedure that were cleared up and helped explain why the special session was called. POLITICO By JOSH GERSTEIN 09/12/16 Chaffetz subpoenas FBI for full Clinton email probe file House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz publicly subpoenaed the FBI’s full case file in the Hillary Clinton email investigation Monday, delivering the document demand to a senior FBI official during a contentious hearing where Democrats accused Republicans of … Continue reading

Dear Hillary: DNC Hack Solved, So Now Stop Blaming Russia

From Hillary Clinton has tried to save herself from her latest email scandal with rhetoric that poses a dangerous threat to our democracy and even world peace. This new email scandal is the Wikileaks release of a gaggle of DNC emails that prove the Democrat primary race was rigged in establishment Hillary’s favor. She’s tried to make herself the victim once again, blaming the Russians and—bizarrely—Donald Trump for the hack that set the emails free. I have some news for Hillary and Democrats—I think I’ve got the real culprit. It doesn’t seem to be the Russians that hacked the … Continue reading

FBI to Investigate Clinton Server and Secure Thumb Drive

  Washington Post via Associated Press August 5, 2015 WASHINGTON — The FBI is looking into the security of the private email server that Hillary Rodham Clinton used when she was secretary of state, The Washington Post reported Tuesday. The newspaper also said the FBI has asked Clinton lawyer David Kendall about the security of a thumb drive, containing copies of Clinton’s emails, that Kendall possesses. The Post report cited two anonymous government officials, but said Kendall confirmed that the government was investigating the security of the devices. Read the breaking article HERE. –00– FINALLY!   It looks like pressure from … Continue reading

Email Dumps Continue to Undermine Clinton Candidacy

From Canada Free Press Hillary Clinton’s reputation is taking repeated blows as the drip, drip, drip of email productions from her private email server draw attention to her many lies. The Obama administration has admitted that she did not, in fact, turn over all the necessary emails from her private mail server to the government. It also has released nearly 3,000 pages of emails implicating members of the Obama administration in their own lies. As Vice President Joe Biden appears to be preparing to jump in the race for the Democratic nomination later this summer, questions are also emerging as … Continue reading