Liberal Colleges Now on Notice – DoJ will be pursuing First Amendment rights

Liberal Colleges Now on Notice Across the Country – DoJ will be pursuing First Amendment rights     Finally – The bastion of liberalism – Berkley University now feeling the push back on First Amendment Rights on campus – but they aren’t the only ones and hopefully won’t be the last ones to understand that our Constitution is not to be mocked nor the rights of conservatives be denigrated from fear of reprisal. Too long we have been suppressed and made to feel that we were horrible people for believing in freedom of speech and right to express our heartfelt … Continue reading

From The ” Be Careful What You Ask For” File For Jun 4 2015

Sometimes you just KNOW things are going to come full circle, and IF what you’ve been doing is WRONG, it WILL bite you on the ass. I find this story amusing to say the least. Read it, from Blake Neff at The Daily, and see if you don’t agree.   Liberal Students Are Terrifying Their Own Professors   Blake Neff Reporter   3:36 PM 06/03/2015 Modern progressive college students have become so militant they’re frightening their own like-minded professors, according to an account posted by one such professor on the website Vox. The professor, using the pseudonym Edward Schlosser, claims … Continue reading

One For The “Doubting Thomases” Out There.

Many times in past posts I have criticized the ENDLESS parade of Harvard “geniuses” among government types. Seems they ARE NOT as smart as the leftists coming FROM THERE would have you believe.  From   Massive Harvard Grade Inflation Revealed. What a farce. High school dropouts have more “honor” than graduates of THIS liberal Mecca have. And, more COMMON SENSE as well. Like THIS asshat, and THIS one…… Liberal icon, and serial womanizer JFK, and on to THIS one…. NOTHING needs to be said about THIS one, or THIS one as well….. Now how many of you knew Ted … Continue reading