Criminal Activity Is Not The Only Danger From Refugees and Illegal Immigrants

Many refugees and illegals are carriers of diseases that we have long fought to eradicate here. So now that we have successfully reduced or removed some diseases, we have also become more vulnerable to new introductions. All along articles have said time and again that refugees should be held in some place together so that they could be monitored.  Refugees from predominantly Muslim or Middle Eastern countries have a real religious aversion against western doctors, treatments, and definitely vaccinations. Groups coming over the border with Mexico bring with them all the diseases and issues as well. Border health personnel are simply overwhelmed … Continue reading

Clinton Dropping Out Temporarily? Admitted for Detox?

From WhatYouThoughtIWentAway A CBS reporter, Hannah Chanpong was among the first to break this story. This is a breaking story with many blanks to be filled in which will of course be a difficult task. Will she be O.K.? The Clinton camp’s response: “No Comment.”  During her treatment will she be given extra protection from  the secret service? The Secret Service: “No Comment.” Chappaqua, New York: Hillary Clinton is said to be resting in an unnamed sanitarium in upstate New York, not Chappaqua. As a condition of her treatment she was asked to turn in all of her cell phones … Continue reading