Seems As If The Eviroweenies Have A New Strategy.

One that is called “Death By Delay”. It is laid out nicely in this article. The gem comes to us from via our friend, and commenter Blessed B.     Death by Delay – the New Green Weapon.   Red, and Green, tape. Swallowing up the economy, one business at a time. The ‘toon sums it about right, I’d say. Special thanks to Mr. Larry Pickering for permission to reproduce this cartoon. There was a time, before the baby-boom generation took over, when we took pride in the achievements of our builders, producers and innovators. There was always great … Continue reading

Live By Lies, Die By Lies.

Seems as if the “Rainbow Warriors” are finding tough seas these days. Caused mostly by liberal arrogance, condescension, and STUPIDITY. I have to say, I do enjoy seeing their woes. These assholes have done MORE to damage environmentalism than Al Gore. And THAT is saying something. From The Daily   Enjoy. Greenpeace Loses Credibility In The Wake Of Huge Scandals. 1:54 PM 06/27/2014  By Michael Bastasch     It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the multi-national environmental group Greenpeace. After gambling away millions in charitable donations and revelations that a top official flew into work everyday, the group’s … Continue reading

Environmentalists ? Sounds More Like White-Collar Criminals.

In a page out of George Soros’ handbook, “How To Make Millions Screwing Up Foreign Currencies”, it seems that “environmental champion”, and DEVOUT anti-capitalist group, Greenpeace, has been gambling donations from the unsuspecting dupes. Unless you REALLY know what you’re doing, the currency markets can EAT YOU ALIVE in a hurry. Too bad it didn’t bankrupt this worthless bunch of communists. From The Daily   Greenpeace Gambles Away $5 Million In Donations… On Currency Speculation? 1:30 PM 06/16/2014  By Michael Bastasch Greenpeace has lost more than $5 million in charitable donations, but not in the course of promoting environmental … Continue reading

One From The ” WHAT Did He Say ? ” File.

We all know the loopy loony left is capable of anything, but THIS asshattery takes the marbles. See for yourself.  From   Greenpeace ‘Santa’ Threatens to ‘Cancel Christmas’ Due to Global Warming.   December 9, 2013 – 11:25 AM By Barbara Hollingsworth Too bad the Coast Guard cutter in the background didn’t SINK the assholes UNDER the “global warming”.   Grinchpeace UK ‘Santa’ played by British actor Jim Carter. Looks MORE like an Occupy supporter to me.   ( – Greenpeace UK is soliciting donations to combat global warming with a video entitled “An Urgent Message From Santa.” The … Continue reading

The NEXT Time You Hear…….

….That conservatives “want to starve children”, hit them over the head with THIS article. From   Greenpeace Waging War Against Life-Saving ‘Golden Rice.    by     William Bigelow      14 Oct 2013, 9:28 AM PDT Seems to be their NEW mission. The environmentalist group Greenpeace is waging war against the production of Golden Rice, a genetically modified rice that could save more than half a million children around the world from disease and 250,000 from dying each year. Dr. Patrick Moore, one of the original founders of Greenpeace, condemned Greenpeace in The Globe and Mail. He wrote that Golden Rice, created by Dr. Ingo … Continue reading

Obviously, THESE Morons Do Not Read “Hardnox And Friends”.

Because IF they DID, they would have seen numerous stories about the fallacy THEY are promulgating. Had to laugh when I read this. From The Daily  Enjoy.   Greenpeace protests Arctic drilling as polar bears flourish   By Michael Bastasch As many as 3,000 protesters took to the streets of London and marched alongside a double-decker-bus sized polar bear puppet, calling for bans on oil and natural gas drilling in the Arctic. The environmental group Greenpeace, which organized the protests, argues that oil and gas drilling contributes to global warming, which in turn reduces Arctic ice cover and causes … Continue reading