So, It Will Do WHAT, Exactly ?

Whenever a global warming Nazi accosts you with the reason we NEED a “carbon tax”, whack him upside the head with FACTS. Such as the ones found here, in Michael Bastasch’s article in The Daily about the subject.   BASTASCH: The Carbon Tax Job Creation Debate Is Moot, Taxes Won’t Stop Global Warming. 12:01 AM 10/10/2014  By Michael Bastasch A debate is raging about whether or not taxing carbon dioxide emissions would create or kill jobs. It’s a debate worth having no doubt, as job creation is something to think about when crafting economic policies. But like most policy … Continue reading

Another “Green Energy” Success Story.

Or, maybe in this case, a more appropriate title would have been : “QUICK. Get The Stuff To Make S’Mores” !!!! It seems the green energy industry lies almost as much as government. Now THAT is saying something. This amusing piece comes to us via   Wind Turbine Fires 10 Times More Common than Previously Thought. by  Nick Hallett    17 Jul 2014   Nearly 120 wind turbines catch fire each year – ten times the number reported by the industry – according to new research. The figures show that fires are the second biggest cause of accidents in … Continue reading

Guess WHAT ELSE Is Dangerous To Firefighters?

In addition to all the OTHER shit they have to be concerned about. Hint: It is something the Regime has pissed away over $500,000,000,000 on. Give up ?  The answer comes to us from The Daily     Growing Solar Panel Use Poses Huge Safety Risk For Firefighters. 2:49 PM 06/26/2014  By Michael Bastasch       Solar panel use is on the rise due to lowering costs and generous federal, state and local subsidies. But rooftop solar panels pose a huge risk firefighters trying to put out burning buildings and rescue those who may be trapped inside. In … Continue reading

Bill Whittle on UK’s burning babies problem

Here is a tag along to Tannngl’s “Green Energy?” post on the incinerating fetuses(babies) in the UK. A Modest Proposal for Green Energy — Bill Whittle “In 1729, Jonathan Swift sarcastically called for the eating of the young, so they could feed the Irish poor. He would be glad to know that we are in a progressive era, where the murder of babies for use as a resource wouldn’t be tolerated…oh wait…in the UK, they are using aborted fetuses to heat their hospitals?!?!? Join Bill Whittle as he analyzes this atrocity, in this episode of Afterburner.” ~Bullright

Something From The “BWAHAHAHAHAHA” File.

Normally, I don’t do anything concerning the assholes who comprise the majority of Hollyweird, but could not pass this one up. Sometimes, George, you asshole, being a “trend-setter” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, is it? From The Daily George Clooney wasn’t happy with his Tesla. 4:33 PM  11/11/2013  by Grae Stafford About all you need to know. Discussing what they’re going to do at Man’s Country, I’m sure. Here is the hypocrite asshole in his short-lived bromance with a Tesla. Pretty bad when a moonbat such as THIS one is blasting something politically correct, and “green”.   … Continue reading

Hmmm…… I Thought These Things NEEDED Wind.

Guess even a wind turbine can’t take too much of a breeze. Our latest wind turbine story is out of Oregon. From The Daily Wind turbine collapses from too much wind. 5:49 PM  11/08/2013 by Michael Bastasch   I wonder if it ended up like THIS one? Click above link.     A turbine at one of the largest wind farms in the world has collapsed —  thanks to too much wind. The 10-year-old turbine collapsed after a windstorm swept through the area  earlier this week, reports the East Oregonian. The Stateline  Wind Farm is run by NextEra Energy, … Continue reading

Ahhh…. Yes. Such Efficiency.

The charade of “wind power” keeps churning along. At this rate of return, the Earth will be GONE before this asshattery pays for itself. From The Daily   This wind turbine will pay for itself in 452 years, generates $8 a  month. 3:13 PM  11/07/2013 by Michael Bastasch Click on the above link to see “efficiency” in action. Government bureaucrats have just been given a sobering reminder that you  can’t place a wind turbine just anywhere. Welsh  officials have been chastised for building a wind turbine in a calm area that  will only generate about … Continue reading

It Would Be Nice To See THIS Happen.

The wind power industry has been the beneficiary of MASSIVE amounts of taxpayer subsidies that have next to ZERO benefit to the nation. Time to put it on the scrap heap of history. Since we have gutless wonders in the House, don’t hold your breath. From The Daily   102 conservative groups target wind power subsidies. 4:37 PM  11/05/2013  by Michael Bastasch Federally-subsidized BIRD SLAUGHTER. About ALL we have to show for this boondoggle. WHERE is The Audubon Society???? Damn bird-killers belong HERE, along WITH the federal subsidies, and those who SUPPORT such nonsense. A coalition of 102 conservative … Continue reading

Knock Me Over With A Feather.

Despite the Obama Regime, and environmentalist wackos like “Motor Trend” , it looks like HIGH-PERFORMANCE, internal combustion, GASOLINE powered sports cars are STILL desired over fancy golf carts. Given the dismal sales for plug-ins, vis-à-vis THESE, we see where American hearts still beat when it comes to their vehicular fantasies. From The Daily   What a shock — Corvette sales soar as Tesla stock price plunges.   10:31 AM  11/02/2013 by Grae Stafford Can’t get THESE to the dealers fast enough. When I think of a SPORTS CAR, my mind goes to thoughts of something like THIS, what looks, … Continue reading

Liberal Superiority.(Well, In Their Eyes Anyway) Part 2.

In the last installment, I took a brief look into a few areas in which liberals believe themselves to be smarter than anyone else. Here, I will examine a few more issues, with their thoughts (for what THAT is worth) and why they are wrong.         1. Education.  We all know how the unionized left has pretty much ruined our public schools, from the purposeful lowering of standards, the keeping of sub standard, deficient teachers, to the communisticly titled Common Core Curriculum, endorsed by leftists everywhere, up to, and including teaching a NEW fad, which I’ve titled: “Gutting … Continue reading

Obviously, THESE Morons Do Not Read “Hardnox And Friends”.

Because IF they DID, they would have seen numerous stories about the fallacy THEY are promulgating. Had to laugh when I read this. From The Daily  Enjoy.   Greenpeace protests Arctic drilling as polar bears flourish   By Michael Bastasch As many as 3,000 protesters took to the streets of London and marched alongside a double-decker-bus sized polar bear puppet, calling for bans on oil and natural gas drilling in the Arctic. The environmental group Greenpeace, which organized the protests, argues that oil and gas drilling contributes to global warming, which in turn reduces Arctic ice cover and causes … Continue reading

Another “Green Energy” Success Story.

And here I thought this guy was a pretty savvy operator. Guess not. But, don’t feel TOO bad for him. From The Daily by Breanna Deutsch Wind investments blow Pickens off the Forbes 400 list Businessman T. Boone Pickens was dropped from the Forbes 400 list of richest  Americans after losing much of his fortune in the wind farming industry. According to Forbes, Pickens’ fortune dropped below the $ 1 billion mark for the  first time since 2005. His net worth once amounted to an estimated $2 billion, but now  it sits at around $950 million. He told the hosts of … Continue reading