An Open Letter To Larry Page, Google CEO

…. On the occasion of the 16th memorialization of the 9-11 attacks on our nation which were committed by violent theocratic statists and allies of the globalists.  This piece was written and sent by Felinity (a/k/a Missus SafeSpace) and reproduced here with her permission: Sir, Yet another post-2001 September 11 is here…and once again there’s a small, lone gray-black ribbon on the Google home page.  That little, forlorn ribbon doesn’t have a heading/title; one must put a cursor there to read the fleeting words”Remembering September 11th”. How fleeting were the lives snuffed out on that day in autumn of 2001…and … Continue reading

Another Great Example Of Libtard Double Standards

Ahh, that bastion of politically-correct actions and statements … that home of smugly superior virtue-signalling progressives … the web’s home to banner celebrations of obscure wimmin and persons of colour … the corporation whose directors have been in bed with the American democrat Party and leftists in the UK for over a decade: GOOGLE!  So now who is accused by both leftist media and the UK government of underpaying its female employees?  GOOGLE!  Ya gotta love it. Google accused of ‘systematic’ underpayment of women workers across entire company:  Bureau of Labour said it found ‘compelling evidence’ of pay gap … Continue reading

From The “GEE, NO SHIT” File For Nov 23 2014

  Who could NOT have seen THIS conclusion come to  pass? The “geniuses” at Google (God, I hate that company) have been one of the “leaders of the charge” in the green energy scam. What is unknown is how much THEY got from the Regime. When one couples this with the information contained in a post I put up yesterday, seen here, one can ONLY conclude green energy simply is NOT ready for “prime time” no matter how much the “greedy greenies” wish it to be. The story comes from Eric Worrall and Anthony Watts at   Shocker: Top … Continue reading

From The “ARE YOU SHITTING ME”???? File For Nov 10 2014

As we all know, Obama has absolutely pissed through TRILLIONS of dollars WE DO NOT HAVE for a LOT of shit. “Green Energy” has been one of the BIGGEST wastes of these dollars. To go to the feral government wanting MORE taxpayer dollars to pay off, wait for it…. TAXPAYER FUNDED LOANS takes a LOT of hubris. Of course, these ARE Obama’s big donors and butt buddies, so don’t be surprised if in this lame duck session, they get what they want. Story from William LaJeuness at World’s largest solar plant applying for federal grant to pay off federal … Continue reading