Attention UN Asshats: Here’s Some Real Science On “Climate Change”

Calling all U.N. globalists, resource-grabbers, punishers of white capitalists, wealth confiscators, and redistributionists:  Before you attempt to install a global “carbon tax” at gunpoint, you might want to study a wee bit of actual scientific research into our earth’s climate. Last week I posted an article about the 11-year solar cycle that has been in operation at least as long as we’ve had the tools to study solar radiation … and probably in operation for millennia.  That cycle, which could not care less about man’s CO2 emissions, has a major, cyclical, and predictable effect on earth’s climate patterns.  In case … Continue reading

AO-C : Windmills Will Bring Us Together

At Monday’s “Solving Our Climate Crisis, a National Town Hall”, hosted by none other than Senior Socialist Sen.Bernie Sanders,  the Jr. Socialist, Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was on the bill. There was at least a fighting chance that she was going to give us a profoundly stupid soundbite. The notoriously stupid Occasionally Coherent – Cortez certainly didn’t disappoint, saying that renewable energy would finally bring “racial justice” to America. Yep. I started the video at the point where Bernie asks for her words of wisdom. That takes just a couple of minutes before they move on to the next moron, Van Jones. The entire “Crisis !!!” video is about … Continue reading

Global Climate Change: Blame the Sun, Not Donald Trump

As New England experiences the earliest start of a very cold winter in two decades, the usual crew are running their claptraps blaming “manmade climate change” for the deep freeze.  Doesn’t matter that America has reduced its atmospheric outputs of actual pollutants as well as CO2 to the lowest levels seen since before the Industrial Revolution.  Doesn’t matter that even the Chinese and Indians are cracking down on their dirty power plants.  What matters, as always, is the anti-capitalist, anti-human agenda of the progressives.  They’d prefer a world without people (except for themselves and their conscripted laborers, that is) to … Continue reading

CA Wildfires: Tragic Consequence of Ideology Trumping Reality and Common Sense.

Victor Davis Hanson examines the results of the toxic combination of progressive / envirowacko special interests that have dominated California public policy for the past 40 years.  Be thankful that this kind of thinking does not (yet) define our nation’s overall priorities. Even California Cannot Defy Nature Forever The state’s horrific wildfires are a reminder that abstract progressive ideologies impose life-and-death consequences on millions … by Victor Davis Hanson  21 November 2018 California has been clouded under a blanket of smoke for weeks. Stanford University, where I work, sent students and faculty home early for Thanksgiving. The campus is more … Continue reading

Not Just In California: Manmade Political “Wild” Fires In Canada, Too

Intelligence guided by experience suggests that some of the wildfires destroying acreage, property and lives in California over the past few months may not be “wild” but manmade.  What agenda would propel domestic terrorism on such a scale on our left coast?  No single dominating reason comes to mind.  But little doubt exists as to the leftist human agenda behind the “wild” fires that destroyed Fort McMurray, Alberta two years ago. Fort McMurray is a center of the tar sands fracking industry in Canada.  Our neighbor nation to the north is home to a significant population of leftist environmental crazies, … Continue reading

The Peculiar (Political?) Behavior of the California Wildfires

There is little argument that the wildfires now raging in California have displayed highly unnatural behavior in their surgical ability to burn manmade structures while leaving the surrounding trees and vegetation untouched.  Several YouTube videos address this “never before seen” behavior, and also speculate as to the cause of these fires.  Many fires erupted simultaneously during the course of a single night.   Proposed causes include geo-engineering in the form of airborne directed energy weapons (a/k/a DEW lasers) used to clear the path for a high speed rail line that is dear to Governor Moonbeam’s heart … green sabotage to … Continue reading

Michael Bloomberg, Deep $tate Anti-Trump Green Warrior

Billionaire and likely 2020 Dem candidate for President Michael Bloomberg is a leading proponent of the globalist money laundering scam known as man-made climate change.  He has now known to be using the combined resources of leftard law students at NYU and his deep pockets to interfere with Trump’s energy programs, and thereby with America’s national security. Not happy to see America become energy independent thanks to fracking technology … not content with the remarkable lowering of CO2 emissions America has accomplished over the past decade … and most of all intolerant of any Trump program that strengthens the American … Continue reading

More Fake……Weather ?

While wind-whipped reporters bracing against horizontal rain and storm winds have become a fixture for hurricane coverage, a Weather Channel report got viewers’ attention for seeming to fall into the “fake news” category : The Globull Warming proponent Weather Channel tried to save its ass with this comment : “It’s important to note that the two individuals in the background are walking on concrete, and Mike Seidel is trying to maintain his footing on wet grass, after reporting on-air until 1:00 a.m. ET this morning and is undoubtedly exhausted. “ Well I would imagine those 2 dudes strolling casually behind … Continue reading

Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Is Erupting

Mount Kilauea in Hawaii began erupting a few hours ago (4PM EST +/-), on the heels of near-constant  5.0 ‘quakes in the Islands.  We note an unusual confluence of solar activity around the earth, and a close approach of the massive planet Jupiter this weekend — not to mention the Aquarid meteor shower.  Wait for the UN to blame “climate change” for these earthly impacts of solar and celestial activities…. Also, several live webcams are trained on the volcano, as seen here: — SafeSpace —

NYU Shuts Down Student Protest By Calling Mommies and Daddies

Snowflakes threatening a campus riot?  New York University re-discovered one age-old technique for stopping disruptive asshattery in its tracks:  Cut off the perps’ funding. Last week a typical collection of privileged teenaged mush-brains gathered to barricade the NYU student center until their demands were met.  Girls with boy’s haircuts, boys with girl’s tresses, trendies sporting heavy black-framed eyeglasses and tattoos on every available inch of skin, all gathered in the name of soshul justiss to demand that their future alma mater divest itself from investing in fossil fuel corporations, end unfair labor practices, and yada yada yada … or they’d … Continue reading

More Leftist Lunacy: LA Paints Streets White To Combat Climate Change

…. at a cost of $40,000 per mile (well, the work IS being done by union labor hand-selected by the town’s Democrat mayor, Eric Garcetti, so we know that figure is both reasonable and competitive … ) Los Angeles Paints Streets White to Fight Climate Change by Penny Starr  18 April 2018 Los Angeles officials are going forward with a $40,000-a-mile program to coat public streets to fight climate change, despite the city’s many financial challenges — including a $73 million budget shortfall for dealing with the ever-expanding homeless population.  The program uses a light-colored sealant to cover the … Continue reading

True Insanity: LGBTQ Lawyer Self-Immolates To Protest Fossil Fuel Use

If anyone doubts that progressives are truly and incurably insane, consider this story about a prominent New York “LGBTQ rights” lawyer who died last Saturday, after setting himself ablaze to protest fossil fuels and climate change. Besides the sheer stupidity of this ultimate act of narcissism, the irony is overwhelming.  The flaming faggot released a goodly quantity of toxic and dangerous gases and particulates into the crystal-clear Brooklyn skies, as his asinine statement against climate change took him out of our misery in a blaze of gory glory.  You cannot make this stuff up, folks. A Famous LGBT Rights … Continue reading

Oil Is Still “Evil” In Canada; Should We Lease Trump To Ottawa To Enlighten Baby Trudeau?

Justin Trudeau, that cuddly metrosexual pajama boy, recently took a break from cozying up to Muslims and illegal immigrants to kiss some environmentalist butt.  Trudeau, a child of privilege and scion of a proud leftist heritage, is working hard to deny Canadian citizens cheap energy, as well as a significant stream of US dollar income.  And apparently a majority of the milquetoasts in mukluks north of our border are down with that. Canada, as of now, shows no signs of anything resembling a Trump-esque movement to defenestrate the apocalyptic greenies, or shut down the asinine regulations that prevent the flow … Continue reading

The $80,000 Yugo, Financed By Us Maggot Taxpayers

Four point nine billion dollars up front to Elon Musk for his Tesla companies … plus a $7,500 federal income tax credit and a $2,500 rebate to each and every buyer of the Tesla Model S automobile sold in the USA.  Set aside for a moment what we maggot taxpayers get in return and consider just what the virtue-signalling, eco-warrior purchasers of the Model S themselves get for $80,000:  An unreliable vehicle with the fit and finish of a 1970s Chevy.  A jackwagon for “special” people to be seen in (when it’s actually running.)  Golly gee, with deals like this … Continue reading

Wind Power Fail: Silly Saturday

Thought y’all might like to watch an Al Gore Fail over your Saturday morning coffee.  Betcha those flames contributed to global warming.  The smoke spirals are kinda cool, though…. Seems this is a common problem, when high wind speeds cause the blades to spin faster than their design limit.  The bearings overheat, and POOF. Next week:  Amusing Smart Car Fails! — SafeSpace —  

Can You Pass The FAKE NEWS Test ?

How gullible are you ? See if you can spot the FAKE NEWS ARTICLE    Solar eclipse path  will overwhelmingly pass over Trump Country Is the eclipse throwing shade at Clinton supporters? The path of ideal viewing spots for this month’s highly-anticipated total solar eclipse cuts overwhelmingly through places that voted for President Trump in November. There are about 240 counties roughly along the central path of the eclipse, a 70-mile-wide trail extending across the country where people will be able to see a total eclipse, meaning the sun will appear completely obscured by the moon. And about 92 percent of … Continue reading

King Moonbeam Of The Nation Of California Inks Climate Deal With Chicoms

California Governor Jerry Brown, proving again that he’s smarter than the average bear, has trounced Trump and signed his own “climate accord” with a representative of The Peoples’ Republic of China, the nation said by many experts to be planet Earth’s biggest polluter.  Moonbeam Brown, never one to shy away from ego-powered publicity, sidled up to the communist regime in a two-pronged effort to both slap down our President and to show Brown’s support for thuggish statist regimes. Jerry Brown Plays President; Signs Climate Deal with China by Joel B. Pollak 7 Jun 2017 California Governor Jerry Brown signed … Continue reading

Official Trump-Pence News Release On Climate Deal Divorce

It is a rare pleasure to wake up the email server in the morning and find some good news.  Here’s the official broadcast message from Team Trump Pence about the climate accord.  As a native of Pittsburgh, I really appreciated and understood our President’s heart when he remarked that he pulled the US out of this crap deal because he is working “for people in Pittsburgh, not in Paris”.  Now y’all go enjoy your weekends, knowing that you will not be co-signing a check for 200 billion American Dollars made out to a bunch of globalist asshats! — SafeSpace — … Continue reading

Kathy Griffin Feels Bullied, King Putt’s Legacy Threatened: BWAHAHAHA!

Two delightful stories for a Friday, both the happy result of our having elected a fearless President.  First, we enjoy the reaction of sneering snotrag Kathy Griffin, as she discovers her putrid “comedy” act has negative personal economic consequences: Kathy Griffin Hires Lawyer – Claim: She Has Endured “Bullying From Trump Family”… Posted on June 1, 2017 by sundance This is rich.  After facing massive backlash and financial losses from a publicity stunt, where Kathy Griffin produced a video enactment of a beheading, and presented an image of a decapitated President Donald Trump, Ms. Griffin has hired Lisa Bloom to … Continue reading

A Sane Voice From Australia Sums Up Trump’s Main Challenges

It’s already Friday Down Under, and our friend and staunch ally Larry Pickering is hammering away at his keyboard. Pickering sums up well the three main global challenges President Trump is dealing with: Islam, the global warming hoax, and the struggle between Putin and the UN / NATO.  Good reading, smart commentary, great illustrations! A TRUMP TRIDENT WILL TROUNCE THE LEFT … and its submissive judiciary    Pickering Post 3 Feb 2017 Larry Pickering Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by … Continue reading