Rep Steve King Wants Obama Included In 2nd Special Counsel Probe

Posted on July 30, 2017 by Rick Wells In the debate over the House Judiciary Committee’s amendment to call for a second special counsel to address the crimes of top Democrats, Congressman Steve King (R-IA) notes that there have been several things left out of the discussion, some guilty individuals and areas of illegal conduct. He starts off with a reminder that Hussein Obama sent a contingent of partisans to Israel in the heat of their 2015 election in an attempt to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, an operation that was known as V15 and which involved the misappropriation of $350,000 of US taxpayer money. … Continue reading

9-11 Mastermind Wrote a Letter to Obama

From IJ Review: Khalid Sheik Mohammed, one of the self-described masterminds of the 9-11 terror attacks who is currently in custody in Guantanamo, has penned a letter to President Obama. The existence of the letter was disclosed by his attorney, David Nevin, in a news conference. The letter itself has not been released nor sent to the President, but Nevin summarized it, saying: Mr. Mohammed is advising the President that there is a long history of Muslim oppression at the hands of the West in general, the United States in particular. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed in Iraq as … Continue reading

Gitmo-gate in full swing

If you don’t want to read, at least see the last paragraph. Under Pressure, Hagel Promises to Act on Guantánamo Transfers By CHARLIE SAVAGE and HELENE COOPER MAY 29, 2014 | NYT WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, who is under pressure from within the Obama administration to step up his pace in approving the transfer of low-level Guantánamo Bay detainees, has told reporters that he would decide soon whether to accept a months-old offer to resettle six prisoners in Uruguay. But Mr. Hagel, in his most expansive public comments about detainee transfers, acknowledged that he has been in no … Continue reading

Harry Reid Happy Over Release of the Taliban 5

  From Allen West: If there is one single reason for the GOP to capture the Senate in the midterm elections this coming November, it is the removal of Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader. His latest mindless statement reflects his abject dismissal for the safety and security of our men and women serving in uniform — and indeed all Americans. According to Newsmax, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he’s happy they’ve been freed and sent to Qatar. “Guantanamo has been there far too long, and I think that we should get them out of there as quickly as … Continue reading