Even as the DoJ and FBI begin cracking down on gang activity…

Gang violence appears to be escalating. Much like the mobsters of the 1920’s, we are seeing a shift and attempted takeover of areas by different gangs. Strong enforcement and judicial systems will make a difference but what happens when the prisons get overloaded as they do frequently? Think you are living in a safe area right now? You might consider the truth…NO area is safe as long as drugs and gangs are allowed to exist or protected by enforcement, bleeding heart liberals, and liberal-minded judges without clearcut ways to help the gang members who are still able to be saved. … Continue reading

On The Subject of Sanctuary Cities….

Judicial Watch published a story today that explains how Central American teenaged boys who recently raped a 14-year old American girl in Maryland got into our country.  You get three guesses … yup, you got it on the first try!  King Putt’s “Unaccompanied Alien Children” program welcomed them to the USA, with no vetting, no accompanying adults, and no family members already resident in our country to (purportedly) look after them. Why does this UAC program exist?  Because progressives have such good intentions, just wanting to help the poor, victimized, suffering kids who need a chance at a better life.  … Continue reading

Ron Finley: A Guerilla Gardener In South Central LA

Published on Mar 6, 2013 ~Wherever there’s dirt, there’s a potential garden. He’s also right about food being the problem AND the solution. Not only to health issues but to gang issues, as well.  The old saying: “idle hands are the devil’s playground” is quite accurate. Keeping kids busy refocuses their attention to things of quality if the option is available. Kids need to “create” something to be proud of and nothing brings more pride than the ability to share and receive compliments for something they have created. Janyk