Our Great Friends The Saudis

Pamela Geller is equal parts right-on and over-the-top in her periodic commentaries on The Religion Of Peace (t.m.reg.)  Here are some facts about the contribution our great friends the Saudis have made towards spreading Islamist terrorism, jihad, and the general destruction of western societies and economies.  Asshats on both sides of the aisle conveniently ignore these facts.  From George W. Bush and his clique of warmongering neocons … to Lyndon Johnson, Jean-Jacques Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama and their clique of warmongering progressives … for decades the House of Saud has enjoyed continuous and humongous American support in form … Continue reading

One Writer’s Guess As To The Secrets That Are Hidden In The Iran Nuke Deal

On this afternoon’s radio show, Rush opined that one of the main (if not THE main) reason the Obama Shadow Regime is working so hard to bring down Donald Trump is the fact that Trump plans to void the Iran Nuke Deal.  And in the process of doing so, the details of this treacherous and traitorous deal may become public, and the American electorate will become infuriated, thus ending Democrat hopes of returning to power anytime soon, and voiding a major chunk of the Brown Clown’s “legacy”. The known details of the “crowning diplomatic achievement” of King Putt and Little … Continue reading

Open Mouth, Drive In Mack Truck.

And NO ONE does it better than the BECS himself, the namesake for the North Dakota Landfill. I absolutely love it when this arrogant asshole is made to look like a fool. From Michael Bastasch at The Daily Caller.com   Obama In 2012: ‘We Can’t Just Drill Our Way To Lower Gas Prices’ 11:43 AM 12/05/2014 By Michael Bastasch  Contributor     Gasoline prices are plummeting as U.S. oil production from shale formations booms, reaching more than nine million barrels per day through Nov. 28. Gasoline is now hitting four-year lows and oil prices are hitting five-year lows. But it … Continue reading

Another GREAT Reason To Support “Fracking”.

In these screeds, I have posted a number of times on “fracking”, or, the process of oil and gas extraction known as hydraulic well fracturing. It seems as if the leftist environmentalist wackos have an unlikely ally in their ludicrous hatred of the process, but for MUCH DIFFERENT reasons. From CNSNews.com Saudi Billionaire Prince: Fracking Competitively Threatens ‘Any Oil Producing Country in the World’ January 6, 2014 – 5:35 PM By Michael W. Chapman   (CNSNews.com) – Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, a billionaire businessman and nephew of Saudi King Abdullah, said the production of shale oil and natural gas in … Continue reading

Talk About A “WIN-WIN” Situation.

This makes way TOO MUCH sense. It is also why the environmentalist moonbats will NEVER go along with it. Read it, and see for yourself. From The Daily Caller.com Scientists suggest stuffing nuclear waste into the hole fracking leaves behind. 1:08 PM  12/12/2013  By Michael Bastasch A BOOM for oil and gas production, AND a POSSIBLE side benefit of getting SAFELY rid of THIS shit……. ….Radioactive waste. NO ONE wants this shit. It STARTED it’s life IN THE GROUND, so what the hell is wrong with ENDING it there? As long as the wells can be filled safely, and capped, … Continue reading

Bet The Anti-Frackers Don’t Know THIS.

All the hoopla and hype, and hysteria over fracking, and YET they have found a way to REDUCE water use. Let the FREE MARKET work the way it is SUPPOSED to, and you WILL get RESULTS. From (of all places) The Huffington Post.com  via The Associated Press   Frackers Turn To Recycling As Water Supplies Fall Short, Tech Costs Fall.   Hydraulic Well Fracturing Equipment. Safe, and, as we find out, GREENER than ANY other “GREEN” energy equipment.     Water recycling equipment. How much of THIS is used in a SOLAR panel farm ? A WIND turbine farm ?  Pat … Continue reading

OH,MY GOD!!! Say It Isn’t So!!

Found this report amusing, albeit no surprise to anyone paying attention. Can’t imagine an HONORABLE government agency would stoop to THIS. From The Daily Caller.com   EPA trying to ‘cheat’ on fracking rules, says GOP. 1:07 PM  11/22/2013  By Michael Bastasch   Somewhere else to dispatch the  ‘dozers to.   What the ENTIRE EPA, along with the Obama Regime, think of LAWS. Texas Republican Rep. Bill Flores claims the Environmental Protection Agency  is skirting scientific review in its analysis of hydraulic fracturing. “With respect to hydraulic fracturing, the EPA has been trying to cheat on  that process,” Flores said in … Continue reading

THIS Could Happen, If Only……

….. the damnable democrats, environmentalist wackos, and the Obama Regime get the hell out of the way. Most likely won’t happen in MY lifetime. From The Daily Caller.com   ONLY if the wacko birds GET THE HELL out of the way. United States may be close to reaching energy ‘self-sufficiency’. 9:50 PM  11/13/2013  By Michael Bastasch SAFE, and EFFICIENT.    And, CAN help LOWER costs. BIRD KILLERS, and FIRE HAZARDS. And, PROHIBITIVELY expensive. Although, take away THIS party’s GRAFT, I suppose it COULD be cheaper….. If the jackass fits……… Personally, I think democrats LOVE punishing the “poor” in this fashion. They … Continue reading

Another “Obama Green Energy Success” Story…….

….that the environmentalist wackos, the administration, and limpstream media does NOT want you to know. All those ethanol mandates to the national motor fuel supply looks like it is doing more HARM than GOOD. Imagine that.  From The Daily Caller.com   Is the ethanol mandate worse for the environment than fracking? 12:03 PM  11/12/2013  by Michael Bastasch Let’s see if I get this right. The loony left think THIS is EVIL, with ZERO incidents of contaminated water, but THIS…………………. …….which leads to THIS……..   …..HUMONGOUS algae blooms, depriving rivers, and streams, eventually the Gulf and other large bodies of water, … Continue reading

If The Truth Doesn’t Work, Then LIE.

You know the environmentalist left is LOSING when all they can cite are vague, misleading  “statistics”. These anti-fracking activists are simply going batshit crazy. Much like the REST of liberalism. From The Daily Caller.com   Enviros try to link fracking to STDs, meth addiction, prostitution. 4:35 PM  10/21/2013  Michael Bastasch Let me see if I have this right. THIS equipment, and those who use it, create THIS…. … RIGHT. Got it. I’ve spoken to  a few people who DO fracking, they claim they work 12 + hours a DAY, and have NO time to pursue the “ladies of the evening”. … Continue reading

Anti-Frack riot north of the border

Canadians Riot Against Fracking Demonstrators set five cop cars on fire BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff October 18, 2013 9:35 am A police vehicle is seen in Rexton, N.B. as police began enforcing an injunction to end an ongoing demonstration against shale gas exploration in eastern New Brunswick on Thursday, Oct.17, 2013. Photos Dozens of anti-fracking protestors were arrested in Canada after throwing Molotov cocktails and torches into at least five police cruisers on Thursday. The demonstrators were rallying against a shale exploration project in New Brunswick, Canada, home to the Elsipogtog First Nation tribe, the National Post reported. Many … Continue reading

More Obama Asshattery At The U-Frigging-N.

For being the “leader” of OUR country, he sure is worried about the Middle East oil. While all the time putting as many roadblocks in the way of us producing our own. From The Daily Caller.com   Obama attacked for favoring Middle Eastern oil 12:45 AM  09/25/2013  The asshat is MORE concerned with THESE bandits-in-bed sheets than he is THESE guys……. ….. Now HERE is a way for you, BECS, to FIX some of the shit you’ve screwed up. Get busy. Michael Bastasch President Obama is being attacked by Republicans for promising to “ensure the  free flow” of oil from … Continue reading

Some Labor Day Observations.

Here we are, at the Labor Day holiday. A day off work, the last day of summer vacation for school students, and RELIEF on the way for beleaguered  moms who’ve been hearing cries of “I’m BORED” since mid June. I have a different take on Labor Day, and would like to share it here. What Does Labor Day Mean? In years past, we celebrated this day by remembering those who toil in all fields of endeavor, from farm hands, to factory workers, to doctors, nurses, lawyers, and Indian chiefs. Truck drivers, mechanics, hair dressers, teachers, rubbish collectors, chefs, waiters and waitresses, … Continue reading