The Left Has Blood On Its Hands In Manhattan

Leftists who refuse to stop Islamic terrorism want people to die. November 1, 2017 Daniel Greenfield Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical left and Islamic terrorism. Earlier this year, a final settlement was reached in the war on the NYPD’s counterterrorist Islamic surveillance. The Manhattan courtroom where the lawfare effort to dismantle the NYPD’s ability to stop terrorist attacks was heard is blocks away from the site of the latest Islamic terrorist attack in New York. Walk two blocks down to City Hall. And then head … Continue reading

Hammer Meet Nail – Donald Trump Press Conference in Doral, Florida

This is OUTSTANDING! Donald Trump held a long news conference from his resort in Doral, Florida, this morning, taking numerous questions from reporters. He started by pointing out how many news conferences he has had during his campaign compared to Hillary Clinton. Trump called it a “deflection” for Democrats to claim that Russia hacked the DNC emails in order to help him. Trump calling a spade a spade.  Kudos! Who else but Trump would do an open press conference and answer questions from a hostile media.  Hillary certainly wouldn’t do it. ~ Hardnox

It’s THAT Time Of Year.

Time, actually, PAST time for the lovely Mrs. Clyde, the Lads, and yours truly to head for the winter digs. Our RV dealer, who REALLY dropped the ball in getting the palace done ON TIME, finally has it ready, so this will be my last post until next week, after we arrive in (hopefully) sunny, warm Southwest Florida.     Don’t worry about me driving safely. I’m a “trained professional” and HATE all that paperwork after a wreck !! Seriously, though, I take my driving VERY seriously. It worked for damn near 40 years with NO chargeable accidents. ~ CLYDE. … Continue reading

More “Global Warming Lunacy” For Oct 24 2014

Shrinking goats. Terrorist Toasters. Today’s lunacy comes to us from South Florida, South Miami to be exact. The mayor there, one dipshit named Walter Harris, has come up with a novel idea to “combat” global warming. Yep. HE is going to “fix it” by SECEDING from the REST of Florida. That ought to do it, Walt. OY VEY. Here is the lunacy, from Dan Joseph at Southern Florida Threatens to Secede Due to Fear of Climate Change. October 23, 2014 – 11:56 AM By Dan Joseph   Threats of a state seceding from the country, or a part of … Continue reading

Race-baiting White Elitists to the Rescue?

…or just more pandering? You decide. Jay Rockefeller plays the race card. Blame racist white people, voters. “It’s an American characteristic that you don’t do anything which displeases the voters, because you always have to get reelected here,” he added. “I understand part of it. It has to do with — for some, it’s just we don’t want anything good to happen under this president, because he’s the wrong color.” The five-term senator said ideological barriers and lawmakers’ own narrow self-interests were preventing them making tough political decisions. “For some it’s the tea party. For some it’s just a fear … Continue reading