The “Darling” Of The “Green Car” Movement………

……Tesla Motors, which I’ve done several stories on, has seen it’s stock explode recently. Whenever I hear that, I wonder. Not anymore.     Electric car maker fueled by tax subsidies Breanna Deutsch from The Daily Tesla Motors has been basking in praise ever since the company became profitable in the first quarter of 2013, but critics point out that the company’s success would not exist without accounting gimmicks and massive government tax credits. Forbes reported that the electric vehicle is overvalued partly because much of Tesla’s earnings come from zero emission vehicle tax credits  (ZEV). The ZEV awards a … Continue reading

HERE is a BRILLIANT Idea. Albeit 3 Years Late.

Found this tidbit while perusing the local rag this afternoon. Glad to see SOMEONE gets it.  From The Detroit   September 18, 2013 at 6:47 pm Senator wants to kill program that funded Fisker loans David Shepardson Can’t make money selling CARS, so sell your “carbon credits” instead. The ONLY thing keeping this joke afloat. Washington —A Republican senator on Wednesday proposed killing funding for a stalled federal loan program meant to develop fuel-efficient technology. His action came a day after the Energy Department said it will auction off its unpaid $168 million loan to defunct electric vehicle manufacturer … Continue reading