Eternal Pessimist/Realist David Stockman Lauds Trump’s Comments On The Fed’s “Bubble”

A looooonng article (typical Stockman) written immediately after the first Trump / Hillaroid debate …. but a worthy read. Stockman is a long-time and very public critic of the Fed’s interest rate policies, predicting that repeated rounds of “quantitative easing”, and zero to negative interest rates, are techniques that enrich players in the financial markets at the expense of the real producing economy and retail investors.  I can envision Ron Paul fist-pumping as he reads this one. The Donald Nailed It: “We Are In A Big Fat Ugly Bubble” By David Stockman 9/27/2016 Most of the 90 minutes last … Continue reading

Pinocchio Award to Federal Reserve on Presidential Voting Manipulations

  On September 17th I wrote an article showing how it is possible for the Federal Government to manipulate voting ( At that time the Feds had not yet made their decision on interest rates. Today, their decision has been announced with strong dissention in the ranks. Bloomberg had this to say about the decision reached on Thursday in an article titled, “Divided Fed Holds Fire, Signals 2016 Rate Increase Still Likely” by Jeanna Smialek: “The sixth straight hold extends U.S. central bankers’ run of getting cold feet amid risks from abroad and inconsistent signs of economic strength. Now the … Continue reading

The President, In Veritas ???

. One of my favorite conservative, hard-hitting commentators is Mychal Massie. He has a column called “The Daily Rant”. He has a particularly disturbing, hard-hitting article in the Rant for November 4th, 2013, and written by Daniel J. Bubalo. Let’s take a gander.   Valerie Jarrett Twists The Screw   By Dan Bubalo on November 4, 2013 in Dan Bubalo, Politics Iranian-born and President Obama’s top advisor, Valerie Jarrett, twists the little screw in his back each morning like a wind-up toy and sends him out to speak about that which he does not comprehend, and it’s more than a … Continue reading