The Rise of the Daycare Generation

This is a rather long dissertation, if that’s the right word, but it leads to the crux of the issues being faced by today’s SJW snowflakes and mindless liberals. I listened to it while going about my kitchen business and I urge you to do the same. There’s nothing to look at so just hit play, turn it up, listen and absorb what this man says. He’s not a “genius”, so he claims, but he speaks the truth and nails where society when wrong. He also explains why these kids are so messed-up, (and he’s right, it’s not really their … Continue reading

Christmas 2013

Tomorrow, we celebrate Christmas Day. For we traditionalists, it means the Birth of The Savior, Son of Man, Jesus Christ. Along with a whole HOST of other nice, but mostly superfluous things. Some of these may include THIS : The Midnight Mass, as celebrated by Catholicism. A marvelous feast with family, and friends. THIS may be more like it. Kind of looks like OUR place by the time everyone gets to the house, with the requisite Christmas Loot. Some of us choose to help serve those less fortunate on this day.   Some choose to serve those who deserve to be … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Day 2013

Today is the day we gather, hopefully with friends and family to celebrate that which we feel we have been blessed with, or by.   Have PLENTY of THIS. Followed by LOTS of THIS.   Or, enjoy THIS. (Of course, here in Michiruit, we have the Lions, so this part won’t be on MY schedule).   ME, after Photo # 1.  Along with THESE two clowns….. ‘Nuff said, eh ?     Just thought I’d share a few of the things I am grateful for, and a second list of blessings I’d like to see. So, in order of importance … Continue reading

Quote Of The Day — November 7, 2013

. A time for truth. As most kids do not have the athletic ability to play high school sports, or the musical ability to play in the band, or the verbal ability to excel in debate, not every child has the academic ability to do high school work. No two children are created equal, not even identical twins. The family is the incubator of inequality and God its author. Patrick Buchanan – Suicide of a Superpower    ~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~