Time For ” Weasel Of The Week”.

Yes, my friends, it is Sunday. Time to find out just WHO epitomizes Weaseldom the best. In a week that will be remembered for a VERY long time, we have seen just how the left has destroyed the notion of free choice for goods and services, codifying faggotry, along with decimating the Constitution. My choice for Weasels this week was not a hard one to make. With their undying devotion to ruining the last, great bastion of liberty and freedom in the entire world, this week’s Weasels are deserving ONLY of our scorn and derision. These fools are soon going … Continue reading

In Democrat Faggot / Child Molester News…….

….We see that a PROMINENT San Freaksicko GAY RIGHTS ACTIVIST gets charged with felony possession of child pornography. Yet, the sonofabitch gets to CONTINUE  “raping” the taxpayers for his pension, see article for the reason. From CNSNews.com  I remain pissed, AND disgusted.   San Francisco’s Gay Icon Larry Brinkin Guilty of Felony Child Porn Possession.   January 28, 2014 – 1:07 PM By Michael W. Chapman Larry Brinkin, democrat, faggot activist, convicted of felony child pornography possession on Jan. 21. THIS is what a child molester looks like. And THIS is HIS party ;   WARNING: Some of the language in … Continue reading

Homosexuality. The New Totalitarianism.

In this piece by the outstanding Mark Steyn, he nails GLAAD to the cross. Metaphorically speaking, that is. Realistically would be better. From Investors.com Political Correctness  Increasingly Eats Every Independent Thought In Its Path. By Mark Steyn  20 Dec. 2013 The NEW Einsatzgruppen. Or, Nazi Death Squad, for people like Phil Robertson, or anyone who tells the TRUTH about queers.   Yep. PERFECTLY normal. Uh Huh.    Last week, following the public apology of an English comedian and the arrest  of a fellow British subject both for making somewhat feeble Mandela gags, I  noted that supposedly free societies were increasingly … Continue reading

Has THIS Been In The Lamestream Media?

If it has, I sure haven’t seen it. From The Daily Caller.com   Obama quietly pushes transgender, gay status bill. 3:29 PM  11/04/2013  By Neil Munro White House Correspondent Tells you ALL you need to know. President Barack Obama is narrow-casting his support for a far-reaching  Senate bill that would pressure communities and individuals to ignore  differences between homosexuals, transgender people and heterosexuals in  education, work and culture. He touted his support for the bill Sunday in an article in the liberal Huffington Post and  in a Monday Tweet. “Congress needs to pass #ENDA to create federal protections for LGBT  … Continue reading