From The “GEE, IMAGINE THAT ” File For July 7 2015

As we who study this Regime well know, the rogue EPA is totally out of control. Have you ever wonder WHERE they get their “talking points” from ? Well, my friends, wonder no more. This will most likely not come as much of a surprise to y’all. Michael Bastasch at The Daily has the story.   EPA Officials Caught Using Talking Points From Soros-Backed Group Michael Bastasch   12:42 PM 07/06/2015 Emails obtained by a free-market legal group show that EPA officials may have been using talking points given to them by a policy expert with the Center for American Progress … Continue reading

Some You Win, Some You Lose.

In the wake of the lousy decisions from SCOTUS last week, this week they “threw conservatives a bone” as it were. The 9 Robed Robin Hoods struck down the rogue EPA regulations regarding mercury emissions, which are specious at best. You can bet the farm the enviroloon wacko left will now accuse the Justices of being FOR dirty air. Hey, liberals, how does it feel to LOSE for once ? Michael Bastasch at The Daily has the story.   Supreme Court Strikes Down EPA Rule For Doing ‘More Harm Than Good’ Michael Bastasch    12:31 PM 06/29/2015 After a string … Continue reading

NOXIOUS RANT ALERT : From The ” Global Warming Insanity” File For Jun 24 2015

For those who think this Regime is “of the people”, guess again. Tell me WHEN did the Bush, Bush Sr., Clinton, or even Carter administrations EVER say those who disagree with them are “not normal human beings”. But, with the Obama Regime, it is de rigeur. Michael Bastasch at The Daily has the latest lunacy out of EPA Administrator McCarthy’s moronic pie chute.   EPA Chief: ‘Climate Deniers’ Aren’t Normal Human Beings Michael Bastasch 4:21 PM 06/23/2015 EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told an audience Tuesday gathered at a White House conference “normal people,” not “climate deniers” will win the … Continue reading