Greens, USFWS Deep-Staters Combine Efforts To Thwart DJT’s Border Fence

So we have a new President, one who wants to protect our borders and our people, and also rein in excessive regulations.  Someone please tell that to the Sierra Club-type weenies and the Deep State turds still floating in the US Fish & Wildlife Service punchbowl.  The latest progressive tactic to stop efforts to protect OUR borders involves claims that a fence along our southern border will stop wild jaguar cats from roaming the area.  Never mind that 99% of these big cats hang their sombreros in Mexico.  Never mind that a leading expert on big cats says access to … Continue reading

Humans versus Chickens

From Trouble on the prairie: Feds call chicken ‘threatened,’ but what about the residents? By Travis Perry  /   March 31, 2014   OSAWATOMIE, Kan. — The specter of big government regulation has been cast over western Kansas, and opponents fear the worst. Following the announcement Thursday that the lesser prairie-chicken has been reclassified as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act, farmers, ranchers and others warn the decision will have far-reaching effects for state’s rural residents. “This is not a good result for agriculture in Kansas,” said Jim Sipes, Farm Bureau director for the southwest corner of the state. … Continue reading