Rolling Stone Writer Confirms Trump’s Version On Fiorina “That Face” Comment

From Conservative Treehouse: This Rolling Stone controversy is a brilliant opportunity to highlight how subtle, yet brutally obvious, presented broadcast media bias can be when combined with ideological opportunism. Donald Trump said on Thursday the author of the interview, Paul Solotaroff, called to apologize for the way it was edited: “The writer actually called me and said, ‘I’m so upset, I wrote this great story and [publisher] Jann Wenner screwed it up’ — he told me that,” Trump said on CNN’s “New Day.” “They added a lot of stuff, a lot of garish stuff, that I think is disgusting.” (link) … Continue reading

Cavuto: Why Donald Trump may not be a passing fad

I had expected Trump to flame out or step on his pee-pee by now.  Even the talking heads are waking up to the reality that Americans are pissed at the way our electeds are operating. Hummm… Yesterday Trump signed a pledge not to run as a 3rd party candidate should he not get the Republican nomination. My question: Where is the GOP pledge to stop screwing Conservatives? ~ Hardnox

Donald Trump Gives Q&A Upon Arrival At Iowa State Fair

This is pretty good.  Trump touches on a number of topics from campaign contributions, our debt, foreign relations, his business, veterans, polls, and others.  Afterwards he gives kids a ride in his helicopter. Plain speaking is Trump’s greatest asset.  Is it any surprise that Americans are liking this man? In my travels I have yet to meet anyone that doesn’t approve of his message whether they are men, women, white, black, hispanic, asian, democrat, or republican.  The only negative I hear is “I hope he’s not bullshitting us”.  Me too. Many will opine that he doesn’t have the Conservative credentials … Continue reading

Napolitano: Donald Trump Has Touched a Raw Nerve

Judge Andrew Napolitano on why Donald Trump is dominating the GOP race. Stirring the pot is indeed good.  The GOPe is tone deaf.  Maybe Trump will improve their hearing.  The problem is that the professional politicians and consultants have their heads wedged in dark places. ~ Hardnox

Al Gore Supporters Are Talking 2016 Run

Ya can’t make this stuff up! From Newsmax: Supporters of Al Gore are talking among themselves – and with the former vice president of Bill Clinton – about his running for president in 2016, reports say. An unnamed senior Democrat tells Buzz Feed News, “They’re figuring out if there’s a path financially and politically,” adding: “It feels more real than it has in the past months.” ABC’s Rick Klein tweeted a former Gore adviser confirmed the Buzz Feed report. The 67-year-old Gore was the Democratic presidential nominee and won the popular vote during the 2000 election to George W. Bush, … Continue reading

Questions That Need to be Asked of Every Candidate

Last week we were presented with a spectacle cloaked as a GOP debate.  What debate?  It was a freak show conducted by the so-called moderators that had an agenda.  Good grief.  Not a decent question in 2 hours.  We, the people deserve so much better. The world is on fire and we’re on the brink of disaster from enemies at home and abroad, yet we are concerned with political correctness.  Sheez… Here are some questions that should have been asked: 1. What are your thoughts about the Federal Reserve? 2. Do you agree with the Feds policy of propping up Wall Street with … Continue reading

Trump on a 3rd party Run?

Last night at the GOP debate, masquerading as a “Bash Trump” event, Bret Baier asked the candidates to pledge loyalty to the GOP.  Trump refused.  Republicans coast to coast are screaming “foul”.  Not so fast… Hannity asked him about it afterwards.  Here’s the interview: First and foremost Trump is a businessman.  No businessman worth his salt shows all his cards, especially to establishment political hacks that are pissed that he’s even in the race.  The establishment views Trump as a cash cow, not as a candidate, much less potus material. Let’s face it none of these candidates are lily white.  Most … Continue reading

Donald Trump Discusses Presidential Run With Chicago Tribune Editorial Board

On June 29th Trump did an interview with the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune.  He discusses his campaign rollout, illegals, ISIS, the Iran nuke negotiations, and the economy among others. Do yourself a favor and watch at least the first 10 minutes.  Classic Trump. I didn’t know ISIS is building a Hotel In Syria, did you? I hadn’t planned on listening to the whole thing but am glad I did.  He gets it.  I enjoy his candor and unscripted responses. ~ Hardnox