Cruz Poised to Pick Up Vast Majority of Delegates in Colorado

From the Washington Examiner: Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is set to take nearly all of Colorado’s Republican 37 delegates as Donald Trump’s presidential campaign continues to struggle outside of primaries to secure vital delegates. Through Saturday morning, Cruz, a Texas senator, was pitching a shutout against Trump, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich looked in good shape to maintain the momentum at the Colorado Republican convention Saturday, where a final 13 delegates are up for grabs. “The Trump campaign has done little to no effort at organization to try to get their delegates to the meeting, much less in the … Continue reading

“Good Luck With That” – Obama Slams Trump’s Plan To Pay For Border Wall

Frankly, what would be wrong with a 4% tax on Western Union money transfers to Mexico?  Currently, Mexicans (legal & illegal) send about $25 billion a year to Mexico. Batears is WRONG. It would be a simple process.    A 4% tax ( a cool billion a year) would be a piece of cake to levy.  It’s obviously too simple a plan for King Putt to understand. ~ Hardnox

Bill Whittle: 3-Step Plan for Ted Cruz to Become President

Bill Whittle explains the three steps Ted Cruz needs to accomplish to become the next president, and together with the Trifecta Stalwarts, he analyzes how likely Cruz is to pull them off. Maybe… According to the Gateway Pundit: Even after Wisconsin Ted Cruz will not have enough delegates to win the election and will be out of the race by April 26th. By the end April it will be clear that Ted Cruz has no chance of reaching the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination. Actually, in only 3 weeks, on April 26th, it will be clear that Ted … Continue reading

Wisconsin Win Enough for Cruz to Overcome Delegate Deficit?

I agree, a Trump-Cruz or a Cruz-Trump ticket would be unbeatable but I don’t see Trump playing second fiddle. What is crystal clear, no matter who you support, is that things in Washington are about to change.  People are pissed.  Voter turnout is at record high and people are engaged in the process.  Change is coming whether the elite like it or not. Meanwhile, support for Hildabeast is tanking.  🙂 ~ Hardnox

Mitch McConnell’s Attorney PAC ‘Stand For Truth’, Sending Money To Ted Cruz PAC ‘Keep The Promise III’…

Here’s a bombshell: From Conservative Treehouse: The amount of money Washington DC is spending to attack Donald Trump and support Senator Ted Cruz is astounding. They’re not even trying to hide the money flow much any more. We previously shared how Mitch McConnell’s attorney, Eric Lycan was heading a PAC called “Stand For Truth”. That PAC was spending money attacking Donald Trump and Supporting Ted Cruz in Jan/Feb, in Iowa and on National Radio Shows – SEE HERE The eye opener was the revelation that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was supporting Ted Cruz all along.  Which, against current information, solidifies the … Continue reading

Cruz Tops Trump In New Wisconsin Poll

Tuesday April 5 will determine if the pollster are correct.  If they are, then this campaign could change course.  If Cruz wins Wisconsin then the likelihood of a brokered convention will probably be a reality. Meanwhile, South Carolina is considering rescinding its 50 delegates pledged to Trump because he has renounced his pledge to support the eventual nominee because he feels he hasn’t been treated fairly by the GOP.  Last I checked, pledges work two ways like with every agreement.  Where is the GOP pledge not to bone the candidates? I foresee a shitstorm on the horizon. ~ Hardnox  

What is the Truth about the Ted Cruz Sex Scandal?

From Freedom Outpost: Everyone likes a juicy story. Especially when the story has to do with the secret lives of the rich and powerful. This is one of the reasons that so much has been made of the supposed affairs of Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz. It is funny how people want it to be true. Not that they disagree with Cruz, or wish ill for him. No, the problem is for some reason we get joy out of seeing the mighty fall. Maybe it is because of jealousy. Perhaps, we want to feel that these people are human and have … Continue reading

Critics Call Trump’s ‘America first’ Policy Too Isolationist

Former deputy commanding general of U.S. forces in Afghanistan weighs in on ‘Fox & Friends’. The general is spot on in my opinion.  What is wrong with demanding that our allies “cowboy up” when it comes to their own defense?  To me that’s common sense and fiscally responsible. I’d also like to see the next president diminish our role in the United Nations and to reset the United Nations back to their original charter. ~ Hardnox

Putting the Brakes on Trump

He may be the frontrunner with a solid lead in delegates and in the polls, but Donald Trump is not unstoppable. Ed Goeas, Republican pollster working with the “Our Principles PAC” that is spending millions to block Trump, tells Chris Stirewalt why. It is amazing to me that the republican establishment is spending $30 million to attack the frontrunner of their own party.  This is beyond insane.  Democrats aren’t even that stupid.  Further, there are many in the establishment elite who claim they would rather vote for Hillary in the general election. It would have been refreshing if the republicans … Continue reading

Rush Limbaugh Defends Trump: Where’s the GOPe 100 Day Plan to Take Out Hillary Clinton?

From the Gateway Pundit: Rush Limbaugh defended GOP front-runner Donald Trump from the all-out assault on Donald Trump. The GOPe has announced a “100 day plan” to take out Donald Trump. Rush wondered today, “Where’s the GOP’s 100 day plan to take out Hillary Clinton?” There isn’t one. Rush Limbaugh reported: And, if you read this New York Times piece on Sunday, you’d understand why. “Republican leaders adamantly opposed to Donald J. Trump’s candidacy are preparing a 100-day campaign to deny him the presidential nomination, starting with an aggressive battle in Wisconsin’s April 5 primary and extending into the summer, … Continue reading

Jeb Bush Endorses Ted Cruz

Bush: “For the sake of our party and country, we must move to overcome the divisiveness and vulgarity Donald Trump has brought into the political arena”… “Ted is a consistent, principled conservative who has shown he can unite the party,”… “To win, Republicans need to make this election about proposing solutions to the many challenges we face, and I believe that we should vote for Ted as he will do just that”. I can’t help but wonder if Jebbie’s endorsement along with Romney’s last week isn’t the kiss of death for Cruz who has run as an anti-establishment candidate.  Meanwhile, the establishment hasn’t convinced … Continue reading

Election 2016 – March 22nd Results

From Real Clear Politics: Arizona Votes Percent Del. (96%) Trump 248,383 47.1 58 Cruz 130,762 24.8 0 Kasich 52,679 10.0 0 Utah Votes Percent Del. (85%) Cruz 118,904 69.2 40 Kasich 29,015 16.9 0 Trump 23,984 14.0 0 From Politico: Delegates Remaining: 944 Delegate Count as of March 23: D. Trump Details 739   T. Cruz Details 465 J. Kasich Details 143 1,237 DELEGATES NEEDED FOR NOMINATION

Is the GOP establishment rallying behind Ted Cruz?

Senator Lindsay Graham supporting Senator Ted Cruz??????  The establishment is really scared now.  Graham no doubt got the nod from up above to make this public declaration since he hasn’t had an original thought since he’s been in public office. Cruz needs to say “thanks but no thanks” if he still has a hope and a prayer of winning this.  A bromance with the establishment is the kiss of death to his campaign in my opinion.  Americans hate the establishment.  If nothing else is obvious this election cycle, that is. ~ Hardnox