The Trump Effect? Or Just A Fight Over Money? Qatar Isolated By Moderate Arab States

Well, here’s a possible dagger to the heart of Barack Hussein Obama’s precious “legacy”:  Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, and Egypt have cut off all financial and diplomatic dealings with the state of Qatar.  Why?  There are two explanations.  First, the political one:  These states are reacting to Qatar’s long-term support and financing for The Muslim Brotherhood.  You will recall that Barack Hussein Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton channeled hundreds of millions of dollars as well as weapons to the Brotherhood via the government of Qatar, during their efforts to destabilize the mideast and call it the … Continue reading

Egyptian President Al-Sisi Vows to Combat Terrorism in the Sinai

From Canada Free Press In a speech delivered on January 31, following a wave of terror attacks in the Sinai, Egyptian President Abd Al-Fattah Al-Sisi vowed to combat terrorism,, saying: “We are ready to die in order to keep the Sinai in Egyptian hands.” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> One thing I have to say about al-Sisi…. he knows how to rally the people to his side by calling everyone Egyptians. He’s including all that live within the Egyptian borders. I also think that he knows who has been helping the ISIS terrorists and he’s not happy about it! ~Blessed B~

Brushing Aside Media Criticism, Egypt’s Sisi Preaches Tolerance

From Meforum   Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi continues to be the antithesis of longstanding mainstream media portrayals of him. First there was his historic speech where he, leader of the largest Arab nation, and a Muslim, accused Islamic thinking of being the scourge of humanity—in words that no Western leader would dare utter. This remarkable speech—which some say should earn him the Nobel Peace Prize—might have fallen by the wayside had it not been posted on my website and further disseminated by PJ Media’s Roger L. Simon, Michael Ledeen, Roger Kimball, and many others, including Bruce Thornton and Robert … Continue reading

Paris—The Latest Example of Islamic Jihadist Terrorism

  From Canada Free Press While much of the media are doing contortions trying to explain why the latest terrorist attacks are either home grown, lone wolf, or committed by alienated youth, this misses the point. And yes, we realize that most victims of Islamic jihadists are other Muslims. Just look at the massacre in Pakistan last month of 141 individuals, including children and teachers. Or the one this week by Boko Haram in Nigeria that may have led to the death of at least 2,000. The Islamic terrorists who attacked the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris this week, … Continue reading