Seattle Survey of Higher Wages Tells A Bleak Story The Liberals Will Be Screaming Over

Seattle’s Minimum Wage Has Been a Disaster, as the City’s Own Study Confirms Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) Alex Tabarrok June 27, 2017 The Seattle Minimum Wage Study, a study supported and funded in part by the Seattle city government, is out with a new NBER paper evaluating Seattle’s minimum wage increase to $13 an hour and it finds significant disemployment effects that on net reduce the incomes of minimum wage workers. …These findings, examining another year of data and including the increase to $13/hr, are unequivocal: the policy is an unmitigated disaster. The main findings: The numbers of hours … Continue reading

Chants of $15 an Hour Meet 3CPO and R2D2

Can anyone say R2D2 and 3CPO to the rescue of businesses? It always amazes me when people chant and demand more and more …   Sometimes Economics bites!   One major chain has had enough.  If first time employees and people earning extra money won’t take a reasonable pay for work—if those employees can’t be trusted to serve with a smile and follow company rules — then replace them!  Paying $35,000 for a robot is certainly cheaper than all of the headaches of payroll and dealing with smart alecks who can’t be bothered to do a descent job reliably.  Students and … Continue reading