Trump Rally in Anaheim, CA

Last Wednesday Donald Trump was at a rally in Anaheim, CA and while he was leaving and signing autographs he came upon a group of moms that form the group known as “The Remembrance Project – Stolen Lives” which honors American citizens killed by illegal aliens. The women held posters with photos of the victims.  Trump paused to sign and kiss the photos.  He didn’t need to stop and he certainly didn’t need to kiss the photos. The video is awful but the message will tug at your heart. Detractors will dismiss these unstaged acts as Donald Trump just pandering to … Continue reading

Judge Jeanine Pirro & Newt Gingrich: Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton

The good Judge has Newt Gingrich on as a guest and they discuss Trump’s abilities and the present state. Hillary has 10 times the staff that Trump has yet he is kicking her ass. Bwhahahahahahahahha. ~ Hardnox

Why Trump Will SMASH Hillary

This is a very interesting take on Trump and his tactics and why he will win in November.  What’s more interesting is this analysis is by an anti-Trump guy. What the guy misses is the clear fact that Hillary is a shitty campaigner with a very tired message who can’t even beat an old no-name communist, and it looks like she’ll lose California to Bernie which WAS a shoe-in for her.  As I have written before, I can’t wait until Trump focuses all his energy on Hillary.  One thing for sure, this election cycle hasn’t been boring. ~ Hardnox

Donald Trump at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference (5-26-16)

This speech is fantastic!  Trump outlines his plan for his first 100 days and beyond. Yes, the left and the Uniparty are shitting razorblades.  Meanwhile, America’s middle class is applauding. The choices this November couldn’t be more different.  Either vote to “Make America Great Again” or we vote to Wreck America.  It is that simple. I predict that Trump will win in a landslide with his optimistic “America First” message and his plan to put America back to work.  Conversely, Hillary or Bernie only have the same old failed leftist policies to sell.  So, who do you think will win? … Continue reading

Wild Bill: Voting For The Boys

The US Military desperately needs us to vote in a decent Commander in Chief! Only one candidate promises to treat the military with respect! Well said Bill.  I agree.  This election is about the country.  It’s not about the individual and their self-righteousness.  Spare me the “I’m voting 3rd party” bullshit and the “I’m butthurt because my guy didn’t win.”  I’m sick of it. ~ Hardnox

The Stars Are Out….

… Of Their Friggin’ Minds !! In Leonardo DiCaprio’s acceptance speech for Best Actor in Revenant, he pleaded for everyone to take Climate Change seriously — because it is REAL, a most urgent THREAT, and will seriously affect us all……..snif snif….. A few days later old Leo flew 8,000 miles round trip between France, NY, and back to France, in a PRIVATE JET in order to attend parties on 2 continents. Another idiotic, hypocritical, sheep-dipped liberal, who thinks they are above the rest of us peons. And then we have George Clooney. I don’t have to make any rant about … Continue reading

Intellectual Froglegs: Bedtime for the #NeverTrump Anger Babies

Here is the latest episode by Joe Dan: Joe is spot on, “the republicans were given both Houses to perform one job, and that was to stop Obama and they helped him instead”. ~ Hardnox  

The Butler Did It !

Or at least he SAID it. And he took the words right outta my mouth !! So who made these brazen (yet oh-so patriotic ) statements ? None other than Anthony Peter Senecal, Donald Trump’s former butler for 17 years, and now the historian at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.  In an interview with Mother Jones, Senecal confirmed he was the author of the post, saying : “I wrote that … I believe that.” He also had a few more choice words for the ” pus headed president”. You can read them all HERE. I really like this guy ! ~Terry

Right Angle: Trump vs Clinton

They do the Mash — they do the Monster Mash! — two candidates with the highest negatives in living memory will likely battle it out in the fall. Steve, Scott and Bill handicap Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla. I agree with Bill.  Trump’s appeal to the electorate is his ability to fight.  This election is like no other and the experts have been wrong 100%.  The meme that Hillary will beat Trump is ludicrous insomuch she can’t even beat the head communist Bernie Sanders.  Trump will go full Norwegian on Hillary when he beats her like a baby seal. Popcorn is ready. … Continue reading

Trump: Unexpected and Unconventional but Suited for Our Times

From American Thinker by Scott S. Powell: One of the most extraordinary things about Donald Trump’s primary victory in the Republican Party is that he received more votes from people identifying as Christian than his closest competitor Ted Cruz — the son of an evangelical pastor and one who profusely displayed his Christian identity in speech and temperament. In contrast, by standards that many believe to be the essence of Christian character as expressed in the Sermon on the Mount, Donald Trump has been anything but meek, merciful, or peacemaking in his political rise. Some have likened him to a … Continue reading

‘The Donald’ : Hey,He Ain’t So Bad

Lynne Patton, a black female executive who works for Donald Trump, shares with us “The Trump Family That I Know”.  Many might be surprised by what Lynne has to say about Donald Trump and his family. We are going to bear witness to the most brutal political process ever in the United States as the mainstream media, GOPe, and liberal democrats, do everything they can to destroy Trump and prevent him from becoming President. If you don’t like the man then you can vote for Hillary or Bernie, and I’ll wager you will be hard pressed to find an unsolicited testimony … Continue reading

Never Trumpers Need A Waaahmbulance

In a companion piece to Hardnox’s articles “Some Republicans Bolt GOP After Trump Becomes Presumptive Nominee“, and  ” Never Trump Heads Explode “ I submit another side of the story. The ” I don’t care if Hillary further destroys Our Country ” spoiled brats who are determined to take the ball and go home even if it means the home team gets trounced.  Nearly 100 prominent Republicans (so far ) are vowing to never support Trump, and third-party talk has the Washington GOPe and the ‘Never Trumpers’ pissin’ in their knickers now that the people’s choice has all-but-sealed the nomination. William Kristol, editor of the the Weekly Standard and big-mouthed … Continue reading


In a stunning ‘blow’ to his family and his followers, Ted Cruz demonstrates his true “war on women”, and reveals long buried family skeletons after his concession speech last night : Okay Okay, I’m done now. After a long and heated battle between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, and their respective followers, Sen. Cruz manned-up and did the honorable thing following last night’s decisive loss in Indiana by dropping out of the race. I applaud him for that. I hope this will lead to a unification of the party, and of the voters, and we can all join together in … Continue reading

A Message for Americans Who Want to Move to Canada

From Yahoo News Daily Buzz With the U.S. election season in full swing, Ellen DeGeneres has some sound advice for anyone considering heading North of the border if the polls don’t go their way. “So You Want to Move to Canada, Eh?” was inspired by the recent surge in online searches by Americans interested in immigrating to Canada. The tongue-in-cheek segment, supposedly an “official” message by the people of Canada, responds to the uneasiness some have felt at the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency.  Trump is now the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, leading some concerned U.S. citizens … Continue reading