Will The Doors Of Hell Swing Open ?

For THIS sonofabitch, let us hope so. Never has there been a more noxious, odious bastard than this asshat. From The Daily Caller.com     I have a MUCH better place for YOU to be, Harry. See below. Even GOD knows what a prick this criminal is. THIS is what Dingy Harry TRULY thinks of America, and Americans.   Enjoy the stay, Harry. Hope it’s long, and TOASTY. Harry Reid hospitalized 9:28 AM  12/20/2013  By Alexis Levinson Political Reporter Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid  is in the hospital, having checked himself in early Friday morning when he did  not feel … Continue reading


Read it, and see if you do not agree. Maybe NOT the “shadow chief of staff”. More like shadow PRESIDENT. From The Daily Caller.com   Valerie Jarrett: ‘I’m not the shadow chief of staff’ 1:07 PM  12/18/2013  By Alex Pappas Political Reporter   This sums up WHAT Valerie Jarrett is. She is an extension of Obama, or, more precisely, HE of HER. Iranian born. Favored status towards Iran. Coincidence?  NO.   A HUGE no-shitter there. Choose the REAL president here. What exactly does she do? That’s a question often asked about longtime Obama family  confidante and senior White House aide … Continue reading

Another One From The “GEE,NO SHIT” File.

All this verbiosity on this “esteemed panel”, and it is OBVIOUS they still do not get it. Read, and enjoy leftist media flacks talking out their anal, and oral sphincters at the SAME TIME.  From The Daily Caller.com     Top reporters agree: Thanks to ignorance, the press leans left.        by     Betsy Rothstein          1:01 PM  12/18/2013 OK, folks. Quick Quiz. How many of the assembled asshats voted for Romney, in 2012, or McCain in 2008?  Give up?  The SAME number who have voted for ANY republican, or, GASP, conservative.  ZERO. It seemed the entire Politico Playbook breakfast was leading … Continue reading

About Damn Time They Figured This Out.

In a hearing today, several climate scientists, and, not to be left out a FEW Republican legislators have filed amicus briefs to the SCOTUS against the rogue EPA. Given the lousy record of the Roberts Court on Constitutional matters, I’m not holding my breath they will even allow this in. From The Daily Caller.com   ‘MASSIVE SEIZURE OF POWER’: Climate scientists, economists challenge  EPA. 1:52 PM  12/18/2013  By Michael Bastasch Cheap. Clean. Efficient. Must be why the liberal loony left HATES them so much.   The shuttered coal-fired Crawford Generating Station in Chicago. Can’t WAIT until the leftist assholes who want … Continue reading

From The ” GEE, NO SHIT” File.

Yes, kind readers, another “Gee, No Shit” moment. I’m stunned their approval numbers are THIS high. From Breitbart.com More Than 75% Don’t Find Reporters Honest, Ethical. And YET the asshats wonder HOW they got to this point?  Any questions ????             by             John Nolte       17 Dec 2013, 10:52 AM PDT Gallup did a poll that ranks the ethical and honesty ratings of various professions, ranging from clergy to politicians to newspaper and television reporters. Gallup took the angle of looking at the results from a political point of view – the difference in how Republicans, Democrats, and Independents view the credibility … Continue reading

NOW You Know WHY He Was Hired.

Back when the Obama Regime decided to “help” General Motors, the-then-CEO Richard Wagoner was summarily tossed out on his ass. The Regime wanted THEIR guy in there. For THIS, among other reasons. From Breitbart.com   CEO Dan Akerson: General Motors Should Not Repay $10 Billion Bailout Loss.      ” You DID vote for Obama, right, Dan” ??     No question about it. Besides, this bailout was NEVER about “saving” General Motors. It was all about “saving THIS…………….   …..the UAW / VEBA agreement. The loan amounts were EXACTLY what the deficit to the funding for retirees’ pensions and … Continue reading

Volunteer Firehouses May Close Due To ZeroCare

More unintended consequences of the law that few read. Municipalities across the country will now take it up the tailpipe again to cover these additional costs naturally resulting in higher taxes for all taxpayers. Thanks a lot democrats! ~ Hardnox

Liars Hiring BIGGER Liars.

The Obama Regime figures it hasn’t lied enough about the “global warming” agenda, so it is bringing in one of THE biggest liars EVER. More Clinton Administration bullshitters practicing their “craft” where one would not have thought it necessary. From Breitbart.com   Podesta Expected to Push Environmentalist Agenda in WH. Imagine. A KNOWN liar, lying for one of the BEST who ever spewed lies, working for the Crown Prince of liars. Look for bullshit like THIS to increase exponentially.   Obama’s NEW liar , oops, ADVISOR, and his OLD boss.   New Bosses same as the OLD boss.     by             … Continue reading

Those WONDERFUL Unemployment Numbers.

That the liberal leftist loon media keeps trying to shove down our throats. Not so fast, loony tunes. Some FACTS.  From Investors.com     True unemployment rate 11% or  higher in 49 of the last 50 months. By Ed  Carson Posted 12/12/2013 09:00 AM ET FINALLY!!! Some TRUTH from the asshat.   Quite a contrast, I’d say. Amazing what friendly, leftist liberal media coverage will buy you.     Tells the tale, no question. The official unemployment rate has fallen to a five-year low of 7%. But put  away the champagne. That gradual decline reflects a historic drop in labor … Continue reading

More Lunacy From The Land Of Fruits And Nuts.

There MUST be some real BAD air, water, or BOTH in California. To keep coming up with such asshattery as the latest from Sacramento. Too bad the GOOD people couldn’t get out, then let it be sawn off to float westward in the Pacific. On to the story, from CNSNews.com   California prostitutes win victim compensation   December 12, 2013 – 9:35 PM By DON THOMPSON, Associated Press Just what is needed. More “special laws” for LAWBREAKERS. Californians, WHERE does your “leadership” come up with this shit?   SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Spurred by emotional testimony from sex workers, California … Continue reading

I’m Not Surprised With THIS Revelation.

The latest leftist nutcase shooting up a “gun-free school zone” seems to have an animus. GUESS WHO it is against. You never will. From Breitbart.com   Arapahoe High Gunman: Republicans Are the Party of ‘Let ’em Die’.      Karl Pierson. At 18, a devout leftist. Looks as if the idiotic media CANNOT blame THIS one on “the right”. Not even close.    Undoubtedly young Mr. Pierson’s heroes. At least, he STILL can vote for them.   by             John Nolte                  14 Dec 2013 Early news reports have identified the Arapahoe High School gunman as Karl Halverson Pierson, an 18-year-old student. … Continue reading


For THIS bunch to believe ANY mainstream media outlet is biased AGAINST Obama requires the willing suspension of disbelief. See if you do not agree. From The Daily Caller.com MoveOn.org: CBS News is biased… against Obamacare. 9:35 AM  12/14/2013  By Sarah Hurtubise         According to one MoveOn.org petition, some people actually think the media has been too hard on Obamacare. Selena Martinez created the petition, which has gained the support of 70,000  MoveOn.org frequenters, to push “CBS Evening News” into covering more Obamacare success stories, which Martinez claims actually exist. According to Martinez, CBS News has been … Continue reading

Ahhh…Yes. Those KIND, GENEROUS Liberals.

Or, maybe NOT. THE most ODIOUS of ALL the communistic liberal loon Hollyweird leftists has a “Charitable Foundation.” Take a guess how much this BITCH’S “charitable foundation” gave in the last 5 years. From The Smoking Gun.com via Breitbart.com Report: Jane Fonda’s Foundation Hasn’t Given One Penny to Charity in Five Years. THIS is what a communist SLUT looks like. Anyone remember THIS ?? Or with THIS haughty asshole ?             by             Breitbart News                  12 Dec 2013, 10:12 AM PDT Jane Fonda, one of Hollywood’s most liberal stars, runs a charity that hasn’t donated a penny to good causes over the … Continue reading

Will Common Sense Prevail ???

With THIS cadre of clowns in charge, one would seriously doubt it. In, to me, a STARTLING admission, an EPA storm trooper actually ADMITS to a problem. From The Daily Caller.com EPA admits the ethanol mandate has become unrealistic. 5:12 PM  12/12/2013  By Michael Bastasch Corn being harvested. GREAT as a FOOD source. But as THIS ?  Not so much.   A top Environmental Protection Agency official admitted in front of Congress that the federal ethanol blending mandate has put undue requirements on oil companies. “We’re recognizing that the blend wall has been reached,” Christopher Grundler, head of the EPA’s … Continue reading

How Is “The War On Coal” Going?

Unfortunately, it’s STILL going strong, especially under Asshat’s watch. Secession is sounding BETTER all the time. From The Daily Caller.com   Northeast states press EPA to crack down on Rust Belt, South. 1:57 AM  12/10/2013 By Michael Bastasch OK. Northeast liberals. SHUT ALL THEM DOWN NOW. We shall see how LONG you can last during THIS period of “global warming”. Assholes. The CLEANEST, and SAFEST of ALL electrical generation sources, and you MOONBATS would NEVER allow another one to be built. THINK about THAT when WE secede, leaving YOU assholes in the DARK, and hopefully, COLD.   Eight Democratic states … Continue reading


You’ve GOT to hand it to the adherents of the “Religion Of Global Warming” to hold “church” while a snowstorm rages. It doesn’t matter if there is a foot of snow, they’ll show up for THIS nonsense. From The Daily Caller.com   NO SNOW DAY: White House holds global warming task force meeting despite snowfall. 4:15 PM  12/10/2013 By Michael Bastasch     Nothing like a good, old-fashioned SNOWSTORM as a backdrop for a “global warming” conference. Leftists. DUMBER than the damned snow, I swear. Yessiree, Bob. “Global Warming” all over the place. Morons. THIS, GOD, is what I’M TALKING ABOUT. … Continue reading

A “Conservative”, Eh ?

The PSP party will be GONE with advice from such STALWARTS. Wonder if he would have supported Obamacare if Obama thought this up while being WHITE. Unlikely. From Breitbart.com   Colin Powell: America Needs Socialized Medicine. Yep, General. We need socialized medicine. About like a dose of the CLAP.             by             Tony Lee           8 Dec 2013, 7:10 AM PDT Former Secretary of State Colin Powell believes the United States should have a socialized, single-payer healthcare system similar to those in Canada and Europe. “I think universal health care is one of the things we should really be focused on, and … Continue reading

One For The “Doubting Thomases” Out There.

Many times in past posts I have criticized the ENDLESS parade of Harvard “geniuses” among government types. Seems they ARE NOT as smart as the leftists coming FROM THERE would have you believe.  From Breitbart.com   Massive Harvard Grade Inflation Revealed. What a farce. High school dropouts have more “honor” than graduates of THIS liberal Mecca have. And, more COMMON SENSE as well. Like THIS asshat, and THIS one…… Liberal icon, and serial womanizer JFK, and on to THIS one…. NOTHING needs to be said about THIS one, or THIS one as well….. Now how many of you knew Ted … Continue reading