Obamacare: The Law That Changes Daily

Yesterday: Steve Hayes, Kirsten Powers, and Charles Krauthammer join FNC’s Bret Baier on Special Report to weigh in with their compelling commentary in this discussion of the new Obamacare delay. Proof that even Obama believes that ObamaCare sucks. Boehner and the republicans could make political hay out of this if they actually had the stones to do it.  Time to draft articles of Impeachment if for nothing more than to highlight the lawlessness of Obama.  Of course, none of this would get past Harry Reid’s desk in the Senate but it might get the sorry excuse for a media to … Continue reading

This MIGHT Be Good News.

Awhile back, I wrote about the UAW trying, in concert with the German union IGMetall, to organize a new Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. That post can be found here. Looks as if things aren’t going so well for Commie Bob King’s outfit. Good. Here is the latest from Breitbart.com   Auto Workers vs. Unions at Tennessee Volkswagen Plant. There will be NO Fahrvegnugen in Chattanooga Wednesday IF the VW employees choose WISELY.                by             Joel B. Pollak                  10 Feb 2014, 1:20 PM PDT On Wednesday, workers at Volkswagen’s new plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee will vote on whether … Continue reading

For Those Of You……..

…..who think the GOP is still the way for conservatives to go, you MIGHT want to look at THIS article. From The Daily Caller.com   Moderate Republicans team up with labor unions to defeat the tea party in  2014. 2:58 PM  02/07/2014  By Patrick Howley Not of democrats, but CONSERVATIVE, TEA PARTY TYPES. How screwed up is THAT ????   A Republican super PAC committed to defeating the tea party in 2014  congressional primaries is mostly funded by labor unions. The super PAC Defending Main Street, formed by moderate Republican and former  congressman Steve LaTourette, has committed itself to destroying … Continue reading

Sen. Cruz: President Obama’s Claims On U.S. Foreign Policy Belong In The Realm Of Fantasy

  Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) addresses the Senate on Tuesday with regards to the fairytale that the resident foisted on the American population via his State of the union address. This is classic! Kudos Senator Cruz! ~ Hardnox

In Democrat Faggot / Child Molester News…….

….We see that a PROMINENT San Freaksicko GAY RIGHTS ACTIVIST gets charged with felony possession of child pornography. Yet, the sonofabitch gets to CONTINUE  “raping” the taxpayers for his pension, see article for the reason. From CNSNews.com  I remain pissed, AND disgusted.   San Francisco’s Gay Icon Larry Brinkin Guilty of Felony Child Porn Possession.   January 28, 2014 – 1:07 PM By Michael W. Chapman Larry Brinkin, democrat, faggot activist, convicted of felony child pornography possession on Jan. 21. THIS is what a child molester looks like. And THIS is HIS party ;   WARNING: Some of the language in … Continue reading

From The ” GEE, NO SHIT” File.

Last night, the Good King Assumhatum, in his POORLY watched SOTU show, decided to do something ELSE economically speaking, that has NEVER worked. And, of course, the dumbocrats went wild, the liberal media soiled themselves, while those who KNOW this DOES NOT work, rightfully JEERED it. See for yourself. From Investors.com Minimum Wage Hike Will Hurt Poor,  Young, Minorities. By ARTHUR B. LAFFER  AND ANDY PUZDER, FOR  INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY  Posted 01/28/2014 05:06 PM ET Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., and Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, have introduced a  bill in the House and Senate that would raise the federal minimum wage by … Continue reading

State Of The Union ???

Asshat gave his 5th. SOTU “speech” last night. While others have wrapped it up nicely, I think I can do it simple justice. Assmunch doing what he does best. Blame others. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE pRESIDENT OF THE UNTIED STATES: “Good evening everyone, except you bastardly Republicans, and especially you racist bastards who oppose me. Let me start by saying if it weren’t for you people, this would be easy. I had them fooled.” ” My fellow commun  oops, Americans, let me say this : IIIIIIIIII, MEMEMEMEMEME,IIIIII,MEMEMEME, AND IIIIIIII AM GOING TO MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME,THEN IIIIIIIII,MEMEMEME,IIIIII,ME I ME IME I,(SHAKING FINGER)  AND … Continue reading

The Six Worst Members of Congress

Abby Martin calls out 6 of the most corrupt and least popular members of Congress, going over some of the conflicts of interests and blatant hypocrisy that have come to characterize the 113th Congress. This is probably the tip of the iceberg.  There are a total of 535 members of Congress, each with their own program of self enrichment.  All legal of course. Granted, there are exceptions and we should not paint all of them with the same brush, but…. ~ Hardnox

Another “Union Success Story”. Or, MAYBE Not.

In a case before the SCOTUS, a decision is going to come that could have some GOOD news for those FORCED to join a union. I will update this as the decision becomes available. From The Washington Examiner.com   Supreme Court ‘sleeper’ case on union dues has big impact on organized labor. By Sean Lengell | JANUARY 21, 2014 AT 7:09 AM The Supreme Court on Tuesday is set to hear a dispute regarding union fees that — while failing to receive substantial media hype — is poised to have major consequences on organized labor’s recruiting. The justices will review … Continue reading

Michigan Workers Discover Obamacare

“How Are We Supposed To Live?” The 41 employees of Extreme Dodge in Jackson, Mich. are very familiar with trade-ins, but this year they’re learning about trade-offs as they come face to face with the new realities of health care and a severe case of sticker shock. “I feel like I’ve been taken to the cleaners,” said Neal Campbell, a salesman. ~ I can’t help but wonder if these people are beginning to realize that they got played by a Chicago street thug posing as a presidential material. Looks like some MORE fine folks have found out the HARD WAY … Continue reading

Democrats: Full-Blown STUPID

You just have GOT to love leftist hubris. Here is Rep. Pete DeFazio, (dimwit-Or.) telling the WORLD  it MUST stop using “dirty energy”. While telling us, on one hand, the U.S. should not meddle in world affairs, if THIS isn’t meddling to the max, I do not know what is. From CNSNews.com By Susan Jones   DeFazio: “U.S. Must Regulate Carbon Emissions and ‘Force’ Regulation on Other Countries”   (CNSNews.com) – Blasting Republican “climate-change deniers” as well as “blathering idiots on talk shows” who joked about the “Arctic vortex,” Rep. Peter DeFazio urged Congress to tackle climate change in 2014. He called … Continue reading

Tell Me The Wheels Ain’t Falling Off.

Damn sure looks like it. A LOT of the big environmentalist wacko groups are canning their CEO’s.  Now, all the movement has to do is shitcan THIS assmunch. From Breitbart.com   CLIMATE CHANGE GROUPS SEEK NEW LEADERSHIP AS GREEN MOVEMENT LOSES MOMENTUM. by  ROBERT WILDE      6 Jan 2014 It is unclear exactly why many climate change organizations are installing new executives, but it appears they are following the professional sports paradigm: When a team loses more than it wins, you can’t fire all the players, but you can fire the coach. In the last decade the environmentalists have … Continue reading

From The “GEE, NO SHIT” File.

All the blather and bluster about how “wonderful” electric cars was going to be. Oh, UTPOIA shouted the leftists. So, as is usual with leftist “ideas”, those pesky little “unintended consequences” show up. And, guess WHO is going to take it in the kiester once more? From The Daily Caller.com By Michael Bastasch States turn against electric cars as gas tax revenues fall.   States are quickly learning that promoting electric cars is coming with a  high price tag. Colorado has joined a growing number of states that are imposing  fees on electric and alternative vehicles to recover “lost” gas tax  … Continue reading


Not in MY book, it isn’t. With this crap coming from one who had shown such promise a few short years ago, we see the disgusting way D.C. corrupts. Sure hope Ryan isn’t tying his 2016 hopes to THIS screw-up. From Breitbart.com     Paul Ryan Defends Military Pension Cuts as Lawmakers Push Repeal. The ONLY thing needing “cutting” here, is YOUR political career, Mr. Ryan. THIS move ought to “help”.   WHAT is it about these political hacks that make them want to SLASH the MAIN reason for the federal government to exist at all ??             by             AWR … Continue reading

Be Careful What You Ask For. CAUTION : BARF ALERT.

You MAY not like it. Even WHALES are wrong at times. See for yourselves. From Breitbart.com   Michael Moore: ‘ObamaCare Is Awful’ WE know it sucks, but if THIS walrus ass thinks so, it must be FAR worse than we know.   If the frigging communist Mooreon thinks it’s so bad, WHY did HE push so hard for the BECS’ election TWICE. Tells us a LOT about his “intellect”.             by             Breitbart News                  1 Jan 2014, 9:07 AM PDT Michael Moore calls ObamaCare “awful” in today’s The New York Times, part of a blistering op-ed attacking the president from the … Continue reading

From The “GEE,NO SHIT” Dept.

Now HERE is something I’ll bet you didn’t know. OK,OK, sarcasm off. SHEESH. From Breitbart.com Study: Most Convicts Vote Democrat      Your typical Democrat voter. Leave it to the liberals to try to figure a way for MORE of them to vote. You know damn well if THIS were the case, the democrats would be HOWLING like shit-eating dogs at the moon.             by             William Bigelow                  1 Jan 2014, 12:14 AM PDT A scholarly study newly released in The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science has revealed that most convicts in jail register as Democrats. The study … Continue reading

New Year’s Day 2014.

Here it is, the first day of 2014.  This means MID-TERM elections.     THIS is what it has morphed in to. Swilling the leftist, media Kool-Aid by the KEG. And, as usual, the PSP, formerly known as the Republican Party, to some, and to others, such as myself, the French Republicans, will once again try to STIFLE conservative views. So, today, kick back, nurse your hang-overs (if you are like me), watch some of THIS….. The PLETHORA of college football bowl games, or you may just want to do THIS…… ….like yours truly, and cop some SERIOUS  ZZZZZZ time … Continue reading