Democrat Sponsored Shutdown Now Occurring

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Democrat platform on the surface surely reflects these words. However, the truth is far different. Had they really been thinking about those less fortunate people –They WOULD have prepared and approved a yearly budget already. –They WOULD HAVE ALREADY been prepared to follow through with bills on things they believe to be necessary after the budget had been approved. –They WOULD NOT HAVE acted like small, craven children who are afraid of their shadows in order to finalize a budget and get on with what they were … Continue reading

Ready to Move to Canada, Eh?

Lots of celebrities have stated they will move to Canada if Trump wins this election. Less than one working brain cell, leftist stars, has-beens, loud-mouthed actors, and D-list celebrities who have said they’ll leave America if Trump is elected: Lena Dunham Samuel L. Jackson Miley Cyrus Cher Jon Stewart Raven Symone Natasha Lyonne Omari Hardwick Spike Lee Chloë Sevigny Eddie Griffin George Lopez Al Sharpton Neve Campbell Rosie O’Donnell Whoopi Goldberg Chelsea Handler Barbara Streisand Promising to voluntarily self deport at personal, not government expense. They are the oh so tolerant, so open minded, such believers in diversity, pluralism and multi culturalism … Continue reading

NOXIOUS RANT ALERT : Amtrak Wreck: All Republicans Fault

As all of us know by now, there was an awful Amtrak wreck on the line between Philadelphia and New York Monday night. Initial reports are the engineer was going at least twice the speed limit for the particular stretch of track. Instead of the White Mosque, and democrats focusing on finding the REAL cause, they, before all the victims were accounted for, and the dead had not even cooled yet, were, wait for it……blaming Republicans for funding cuts. No shit, the pine cones actually did. Charlie Spiering from  has the absolutely disgusting story.   White House Politicizes Tragedy, … Continue reading

From The “Are You Shitting Me” File For Jan 4 2015

We have all known for YEARS that San Francisco, or The Gay Bay, San Freaksicko, Nancy Pelosi’s home district, whatever one wants to call it, is a virtual liberal shit hole. It now appears as if it is a LITERAL shit hole as well. Really. I shit you not. Story from Scott Grier at The Daily Only in Liberal Land, folks. Sheesh.   My dear readers, I honestly have NOTHING to add to these photos. Pretty much sums up liberal “Meccas”.   EUREKA!: Someone Created A Poop Map Of San Francisco To Track The Homeless 11:25 PM  01/01/2015  By … Continue reading