Democrats Digging For Dirt During Transition Hangs Obama and The Democrats–Not Trump

Democrats Digging For Dirt Highlights The Case Against Obama’s Illegal Unmasking of President-elect Trump’s Transition Team Mere days after the November General Election, Democrats were howling about Trump’s transition and ethics. For instance an ABC article titled “9 Questions Democrats Want Answered About Donald Trump’s Transition Team” hit the media waves on November 23, 2016. What is particularly interesting in the article is the number and ferocity of the congressional Democrats who were determined to find dirt even before Trump took office. Basically, the article hoisted those Democrats by their own petards if we examine the information now after so … Continue reading

Judge Jeanine, DeSousa and the Amendments of the Constitution

  In case you missed it.   Please consider this if determined to vote Democrat. Did You Know? If you don’t know the truth, you can’t recognize a lie. “Between speaking fees, investments and income from presidential appointments, Frederick Douglass’ was able to mass $300,000 in savings–an equivalent of more than $10 million dollars today. We shouldn’t ENVY those earning $250,000 per year. We should EMULATE them. That’s how jobs are created.” ~ KCarl Smith   Landmark Legislation: Thirteenth, Fourteenth, & Fifteenth Amendments Long before the Union victory in 1865, Congress prepared for the many challenges the nation would face … Continue reading