Clinton Family Hires OJ Simpson, Citing His Skills And Deviance

Our inside sources here at Hardnox have learned that OJ Simpson, released today on parole from a California prison, may have accepted an offer of employment from John Podesta.  Acting in his official capacity as consiglieri to Hillary Rodham and William Jefferson Clinton, Podesta is believed to have signed Simpson as an “enforcer”, and plans to give The Juice the names of several annoying and talkative conservatives who have proven to be a thorn in the sides of Hillary and Bill. Simpson is thought to have inked an annual contract with a renewal option, which will be exercised based on … Continue reading

On Being A Public Defender

This article appeared in American Renaissance, and was written by “Michael Smith”, which is a pen name. I could find no other info on the real identity of the author, which is quite understandable. If I were in his shoes, dealing with the scum he must deal with, I wouldn’t sign my real name to it either. It’s a bit of a lengthy read, but I promise you won’t be bored. “Smith” states he is a ‘Liberal’, and I disagree with his viewpoint stated late in the writing. But as for the rest of his article, I would say it … Continue reading

Senior Shoots Thug At Senior Social Club

Last Saturday night, five people, including the suspected gunman, were shot at the Safe and Sound Social Club in Gary, Indiana. Officers responded to the members-only club Wednesday around 11:30 p.m. in the 2200 block of Broadway in Gary. The brave concealed carrier is identified as E.C. Robinson, age 65.  Robinson was shot during the incident and is being treated at an area hospital. The suspect in custody after being shot is identified as 23-year-old from Chicago. A second suspect managed to escape from the scene. The conditions of the other shooting victims are currently unknown, but it not currently … Continue reading

Guns Don’t Kill People, Democrats Kill People

From American Thinker: By David Waciski Headlines that blame a “gun culture” for the high rate of firearm- related homicides in the United States are not too difficult to locate (e.g., here, here, and here). The need to eliminate this “gun culture” is then used as justification for restriction of 2nd Amendment rights. What goes unmentioned about the so-called “gun culture” is its pervasiveness, or lack thereof, throughout our society as a whole. Even a casual reader of local news headlines should not be shocked to learn that firearm-related homicides are more prevalent in some neighborhoods than others. However, what may be shocking is the … Continue reading