Obama-Linked Group Targets 34 House Republicans

In February,  Hardnox wrote a piece entitled “Obama’s Shadow Presidency” in which he detailed who Organizing for Action was and how it relates to Obama and his new shadow insurgency. He also wrote a companion piece “Dobbs with Paul Sperry: Obama Has Trained Tens of Thousands of Leftist Organizers at Alinsky Camps.” Well now we begin to see the actions of how this group and Obama plan to push ahead to take over our country. Obama-Linked Group Targets 34 House Republicans Newsmax By Jeffrey Rodack May 16, 2017 A group linked to former President Barack Obama is targeting 34 vulnerable … Continue reading

How Pathetic – Open Letter to Parents of Millennials

You raised your children then packed them off to college to get an education often paying at a minimum $20,000 a year of YOUR hard earned money, for WHAT? The minute you hear about a campus shooter at your child’s college you wail and gnash your teeth, run to the phone or get in your car to go to the school to check on your precious child. Well your child is under assault now! Not from a weapon in the classroom but from a COMMUNIST AND EXTREMIST RADICAL AGENDA TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY. YET YOU REFUSE to bring home that … Continue reading